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  1. presidiorn

    TOEFL requirement at UTA

    Hi trang, Have u tried talking to an adviser 'coz I thought I have to take TOEFL too. I told myself that if I have to take Toefl, there's no way i'm going back to school. I emailed my adviser and told him that I graduated fr a high school which English is the medium of instruction. To myself, I'll ask anyway coz there's no harm in trying. Adviser told me to give him a proof like a letter and a high school diploma saying that Engish is used the medium of instruction. I provided him the letter and high school diploma, and then he cleared me for toefl. I didn't have to take it. I'm now taking a class. I don't know your situation but try to talk to an adviser.
  2. presidiorn

    Uta rn to bsn application

    Did you also apply for rn-bsn? When did you apply?
  3. presidiorn

    Uta rn to bsn application

    Oh no! I applied in February. It took them 2 months to complete/decide to accept me to the rn-bsn. Just have to be patient 'coz there's a lot of applicants.
  4. presidiorn

    Uta rn to bsn application

    Yey, I got accepted to uta rn-bsn for summer 2013!
  5. presidiorn

    Uta rn to bsn application

    Thanks MBrickle for giving me some Light! I'm patiently waiting.
  6. presidiorn

    Dialysis staff nurse salary in US

    salary depends on which state you live in and which part of the state
  7. Hi vegasmomma, I'm a dialysis nurse and as a nurse you have to supervise the techs. You have to pass meds. You have to do a lot of critical thinking and prioritize as it is a busy world in dialysis. You also need to know how to connect the pts. to the dialysis machines. You will learn a lot when they train you.
  8. presidiorn

    Uta rn to bsn application

    I applied for rn to bsn at UTA to start 4/8/12. My application is still under review that's what the rep said everytime i call to check on the status. Told me to keep on checking my email to see if i got accepted. I check everyday and nothing in my email. I turned in my application last feb. 11 and it's now march 27. I'm anxious to know if I'll be accepted or not so I can move on and seek for other options. So frustrated with how they handle admission process as if there's no communication. Does anybody have a feedback about their admission process? How do they pick who gets in? My overall gpa adn is 3.0 and i know i have some prereqs i still have to take.