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  1. nursing in wyoming compared to california...

    Thanks for the info! Your comment about the ugly sagebrush made me husband LOVES that look lol, while I think it is hideous! I have been to wyoming, but briefly, in the summer, to Jackson and yellowtone. My husband has been several times o...
  2. sooo tired of staff without ANY compassion or empathy!!!

    this is going a little off topic, but one of the things that struck me is the nurses on their cell phones or messing around on the internet. SERIOUSLY?? I work on a med/surg floor, and there is absolutely no time for that. I am constantly in my patie...
  3. nursing in wyoming compared to california...

    Hi Everyone- I am a nurse in Fresno, CA, and my husband and I are entertaining the idea of moving to Wyoming in a few years (I'm starting my research now). I am a new nurse, but LOVING it, and working at a wonderful hospital. We hate CA, mainly due t...