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  1. You Don't Know You're . . . Beautiful?

    I just finished my first week too. Couldn't have said it any better. Thanks!!
  2. Insensitive nursing instructors

    Hi Bloomgirl118, I'm not sure what you are seeing, so I will describe it. It is a nursing student sitting in the chair of a dermatologist. The student is looking stressed and says to him "I'm in nursing school and one of my professors is an insensi...
  3. Boise State Hopefuls Fall 2013!

    I got my acceptance letter for fall 2013! Anyone else out there? I'd love to say hi! Judy
  4. Boise State Hopefuls Fall 2013!

    No, hope I didn't cause any confusion. I was told we would know by May 1st. However, in semesters past they have sent out letters a couple of weeks before the date so I am going to start looking around April 15th.
  5. Boise State Hopefuls Fall 2013!

    Hi, I'm glad to find this thread. I also applied and am really looking forward to this next month (I'm guessing sometime after the 15 if they keep with the schedule they have had in the past?!?) I also have another good friend who applied. I wonde...