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Jewelsforme has 26 years experience and specializes in MedSurg Hospice.

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  1. New Grad Fired After 2 Weeks

    I read through this and it sounds like you were set up to fail, not to succeed. You should not have received more than two patients and ask questions until you are either retired or dead. I don't know why this happened to you but it's definitely not ...
  2. I had a daughter with a trach. I hope it's ok to post about this. Trach suctioning I could do without breaking sterile tech in my sleep, and did as she was a "wet" trach and sometimes the nurses called out sick. For some training on our MedSurg floor...
  3. Working with PTSD Disorder

    Dear working with ptsd -- Please do not give up. You are humble enough to admit your own challenges. Go forward and know the rest of us with challenges or disabilities keep going one foot at a time. Each one of us does the very best possible at all t...
  4. Are You Really a Nurse?

    Ok, here is my biggest gripe about titles in the medical field. People actually get away with allowing patients or family or other coworkers address them as Nurse or Doctor when they are NOT trained, licensed or registered. I saw a PA wear a tag with...
  5. The Nurse on the Other Side

    Grivet, thank you for your opinion. Proves oh, so much. Hope you feel better soon and I wish you well.
  6. The Nurse on the Other Side

    I know Hancock. I even was flown to Honolulu to see an endo. So sad, she just kept asking me if I had diabetes, and had no clue about adrenal insufficiency. I asked her about the axis and she gave the the freaking deer in the headlights look. She tol...
  7. The Nurse on the Other Side

    I understand. It is not known because it is rare. With extremely low cortisol, mine was 1.7 at the time, the heart cannot function correctly. I had to do quite a bit of research myself because even physicians would have the deer in the headlight look...
  8. The Nurse on the Other Side

    Well, let the attacks against us roll. I was not in the ER for chronic pain. I was having chest pain and needed a cortisol infusion since the home I'm injection did not stop the arrythmias. I limp because yes, I also have chronic pain. A truck hit me...
  9. The Nurse on the Other Side

    I forgot to thank you Anna - for treating each patient as a human, regardless of what we did for a living. I never had the time, nor desire, to dig up any personal info of any patient unless it may help me to care for them. I knew some day I could be...
  10. The Nurse on the Other Side

    In a word, yes. But we value each and every single one of you who do not pass judgment on us, because we are in a very weakened and vulnerable position now and adore those of you who truly care about us. But the ones who show they care, even for the ...
  11. The Nurse on the Other Side

    No, we do not go in "ready to be angry," at least most of us who are chronically ill, unless we are called names like "psych patient" when in fact we are a GI bleed or other REAL physical ailment that needs help. I get mad when I am smiling, quiet, s...
  12. The Nurse on the Other Side

    I'll drink to this. You certainly hit this nail smack dab on the head. I used to be a MedSurg and Hospice nurse. I was the nurse that patients asked for by name, even in our hospice community. Man, I thought I would work until I was a little bent ove...
  13. How do you leave it at work?

    Beccalyn175, each nurse is very different from one another. However, for those of us who have a heart, compassion and care for each human even after we clock out, that is what a debriefing is for. Do they not have those for you at your facility? It i...
  14. failed nursing school again

    When you say you are "one" class away from "being an RN," are you saying you have about 4 credits before you can take your finals, then take the NCLEX? I'm not sure exactly what you mean. Can you help me out? Thank you ♥
  15. Students who get As are bad bedside nurses

    Jealousy rears its ugly head. They sound jealous. You just do your best without discussing how good your grades are or that you passed the NCLEX first time etc. You'll get past this and remember a whole lot more practical information to use in critic...