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  1. DavidKarl

    Indy ltc lpns

    What a psychotic way to staff a place- begging for med errors, and the like. Unless most of the staff is agency? If that's the case, they are trying to spread their in house staff around, to DECREASE liablity, so their own staff sees the patients at ...
  2. DavidKarl

    Reducing ED transfers from SNF

    Don't forget the LTC folks that are sent out to be admitted (for 3 days, naturally) for an easily treatable UTI, or etc., in order to requalify for MED-A.
  3. DavidKarl

    Families refusing certain SNF

    An easy way to affect a transfer to a different SNF, once admitted? Just raise. HELL. The first place will pull out all of the stops to help you out.
  4. DavidKarl

    New Grad nurse @SNF...now on verge of quitting.

    No time to urinate? Hmm. A SNF nurse that never heard of Depends? This alarms me.
  5. DavidKarl

    LPN...not good enough??

    Lot's of RNs look down their noses at LPNs, but usually they are new grad RNs that are intimidated by the practical skills LPNs might posses. This stuff happens in any occupation. Other than that-here's a related cute one, that's happened to me 100's...
  6. DavidKarl


    I was fired once when I failed to quit- the DON made a new boyfriend, who was also an LPN (and wanted my job), and made all type of excuse that I was incompetent. I took my glowing evaluations, etc. to unemployment, to get an official determination t...
  7. DavidKarl

    LPN scope of pratice!!!

    The real issue is that word: assessment. In some states an LPN cannot legally 'assess' a patient, but 'evaluates', or etc. It's weird but true. Wicki describes an assessment as a 'plan of care'- lots of states don't allow that scope in LPN practice,...
  8. DavidKarl

    Patient asked me what an IV med was for..i didnt know

    Another thought- who ordered the IV med, and who started the IV, and who started the IV med via the IV? Two, possibly 3 healthcare workers involved (aside from the LPN) were treating a patient with an IV, without possibly obtaining consent, but obvio...
  9. DavidKarl

    EMS hitch this one takes the Cake!!

    I suspect that the atomosphere in that place is that the RN makes it clear that she is there to supervise, and not do any hands-on care. I suspect that's what the LPN meant to imply, but it was inaccurately told to the EMTs. I also agree that some EM...
  10. DavidKarl

    Obamacare and Nursing.. what do you think?

    There are 40, maybe 70 million uninsured in America. Another 100 million can't afford to USE their insurance, due to the high deductibles. The uninsured use ERs, and don't pay. Under Obamacare, 20 or maybe 50 million people will now be able to obtain...
  11. DavidKarl

    MDS Nurse burned out and going back to the floor

    My second clarification- I was talking licensed staff only. Obviously, CNAs are taken for granted, abused, unappreciated, paid slave wages, and many have personal strife to deal with. I have always advocated them, and usually taken their sides in arg...
  12. DavidKarl

    Burnt out and struggling emotionally

    Is this 'palliative' care more aptly what would be 'hospice' care, if the patients qualified for Medicare or another program that paid for hospice, but don't, so therefore are on Medicaid, or etc? If yes, I can imagine the nightmare caseload you have...
  13. DavidKarl

    coding dental

    (Oops, correction to the above: choking RISK).
  14. DavidKarl

    MDS 3.0 help/tutorials:

    I'm retraining myself with the 3.0, since I've been out for a few years, but I started MDS work prior to the PPS, in the dark ages. Anyway- leave it to youtube to even cover this topic. You can find anything MDS related imaginable there, in lecture a...
  15. DavidKarl

    coding dental

    If you don't care plan that the patient has dentures, those reading the care plan (as if...anyone does, other than surveyors?) wouldn't know that he had dentures, for example, and if he could not speak, he may be taken to meals without his dentures, ...