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  1. alvi11

    Officially RN!!!

    I want to start off by thanking my precious Lord Jesus!! I have been praying and had all my friends and family pray for me. Before I took the exam I read, Psalm 37: 3-7 ate some breakfast and took off. I was nervous, but calm at the same time. As I was taking the exam some questions seemed easy and some a little hard. My exam stopped at about 110-112. I came home and had the "good pop up" but I didn't want to get overly excited since I wasn't 100% sure if I had passed. Today, this morning I had my RN license number posted on the BON website. I want to give some tips for all those that are struggling: First of all let me say that I barely passed my final semester for RN school. So if I can do it you all can too!! I used Saunders and read the entire book, I used NCSBN went over everything and made note cards and did all the quizzes and was getting between 50-80% on them. I made sure I repeated the ones I did bad. I got a 58% on my pretest. I was so discouraged that that made me study even more. I also used Kaplan strategies, practice and Review 2011-2012 from the local library. It also has a CD and did that one twice. I did go over some powerpoints that we used in school and made sure I went over the BIGGY diagnoses', side effects, assessment, nursing interventions. Make sure you know your lab values, and go over your math. Graduating from RN school was tough, but this NCLEX RN made my life miserable. I had to sacrifice alot and I mean alot. When my 4 year old daughter wanted to play, I maybe sat and played with her for 15 minutes and was telling her, "mommy really has to study hard for this test", then I cried and got back to studying. My family wanted to come and visit, I told them they couldn't because I had to study. So on and so forth etc...the point is that if you really want it, you have to study, study, study. When I would take my daughter to the park, I would take my note cards and go over them. Its a sigh of relief once you see your RN license posted. Good luck to all. Study hard and pray. Jesus will do the rest... GOD BLESS!!!!
  2. alvi11

    I'm getting nervous!!!

    I am taking my exam too on wednesday and I am so stressed, scared, tired, also have been crying and praying. I did NCSBN, Saunders, went over my school notes,, you name it. My desk is full of books, notes. I just cant wait for all of this to be over and PASS. In the name of Jesus!!! We will PASS!!!!
  3. alvi11

    Support! :-/ graduated 2 years ago

    I also failed my first LPN nclex, I tried Kaplan and it worked for me. I am taking NLCLEX RN this wednesday and I used Saunders, NCSBN. practice questions and read rationales. dont forget your content.
  4. alvi11

    35 page review??

    where is this 35 page review that everyone talks about? Am taking Nclex RN in 2 wks..