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  1. ShakeItOff0515

    Duke Spring 2016 ABSN

    Unless the policy has changed clinical hours must be completed during the semester. Global trips are the exception. A clinical instructor must be available, DUSON is scheduled for specific times they can be on the floor for clinical. Hospitals don't really let you make up time whenever you want. I know one CI was trying to schedule clinical hours during fall break and the professors would not let them. They did make an case by case exception during the final semester with the capstone clinical. But that clinical is run differently than all the others.
  2. ShakeItOff0515

    Duke Spring 2016 ABSN

    It's going to be the weekend of May 12-14. I would put Sunday the 14th, since that is when the university will have their large ceremony. Our nursing school ceremony was held the Friday before the university ceremony, but DUSON probably can't confirm 100% they can do that year to year due to availability of the DPAC.
  3. ShakeItOff0515

    Duke Post Job Offer Test

    It's a wooden box they place metal weights in, the kind you would see in the gym. They start with the lowest weight and ask if you can safety lift it. Then you lift it. Then they ask do you feel like you can safety lift more. If you say yes then they will add more weight, I believe 10lb. You then lift that weight. They keep doing that until you say no. So it's not really reps per say. I got the impression as long as you can comfortably lift the lowest weight you are fine. For the overhead weight I could lift the lowest weight. But once they added 2-3 more plates I struggled a bit but they didn't seem to have an issue with that. The overhead one was weird for me. In the gym I am able to do a much higher weight so it was hard for me to judge how much I could lift. It was on this table with no place to bend your knees to get a bit of momentum going. The box was kind of awkward to lift.
  4. ShakeItOff0515

    Duke Post Job Offer Test

    I wish I paid a little more attention to exactly how much weight. You can request the exact requirements from your recruiter. However, at orientation with all the new grads there were nurses of all shapes and sizes. I wouldn't worry too much. There is a box you lift up and over your head. They started the weight at 20lb I think. The other box is one you pick up from the floor and put back down. You also have to pick that same box up and place on a chair. The starting weight might have been 50lb. I think as long as you do the minimum you are fine. They just keep adding weight until you tell them to stop. Now they do have large bag full of sand that you have to be able to push and pull on a table. That is most likely over 75lb.
  5. ShakeItOff0515

    Watts SON Tuition Reimbursement

    There were Watts grads on a floor I did clinical at. They said it hasn't been offered since 2013.
  6. ShakeItOff0515

    UNC summer_fall 2015 nurse residency

    This is the update on their website posted back in April. Until you hear otherwise you are still under consideration. When I spoke with a recruiter they were going to be contacting people through September. New Graduate Nurses | UNC Medical Center, Hospitals – Chapel Hill, NC
  7. ShakeItOff0515

    Duke 2015 JULY Nurse Residency Program

    Yes, they will make offers before graduation. In my cohort many received job offers in March and April with May graduation. Start dates were in June, July, and August. Base pay for the CN I is $22.48
  8. ShakeItOff0515

    How long to issue RN license in NC?

    I just took the NLCEX back in May. I got my license the day after I received my quick results (~3 days). I had an issue come up before taking the NLCEX I found they were pretty quick to respond through email.
  9. ShakeItOff0515

    recent nclex RN takers, which prep did you use?

    I passed in 75 questions. My program used ATI. But I used Saunders in my last semester. Overall, I think the classes in my program prepared us far as content, they do have a 98% pass rate.
  10. ShakeItOff0515

    Clinical sites, you choose or you're assigned?

    We were assigned. Although sometimes they allowed you to state preferences and they tried to accommodate. You could also switch with others after assignments were made. At least for my program it's simply too many scheduling issues to realistically take everyone preferences into account. For our preceptorship everyone got one of their top 3 choices. And IMO that's the most important. In the grand scheme of things it didn't matter that much what hospital I had med-surg / maternity / peds clinical.
  11. ShakeItOff0515

    How did the NCLEX go?

    I passed with 75 questions. I didn't find it to be hard TBH; There were some SATA that I felt iffy on. It wasn't easy either (kind of middle of the road) but I felt the questions were comparable to what I had seen on tests in NS, ATI, and Saunders. I did very little studying after graduation.
  12. ShakeItOff0515

    Should I take the NCLEX Sooner?

    I am glad I took mine as soon as I could to get it out of the way. I performed well in my program and I received good scores on ATI. I passed with 75 questions. I say go ahead and take it rather than waiting until the end of June
  13. ShakeItOff0515

    Is the ATI predictor accurate?

    It was accurate for me. I had a 98% and passed with 75 questions. Some of the questions I got on the NCLEX were very similar to ATI.
  14. ShakeItOff0515

    Do you always wear a suit to an interview???

    Any interviews I've been on for nursing they have specified what I should wear. Two said business casual and the other said wear scrubs since I would be shadowing at the same time. If they hadn't told me what to wear I would wear a suit.
  15. ShakeItOff0515

    Seeking some feedback on NC hospital nurse requirements

    Duke still hires ADNs (and of course Watts grads who from what I have seen are highly thought of). I know several who have been hired very recently. You need to enroll in a BSN program with in 2 years and graduate within 5 years. Duke's HR spoke to our cohort and said they use a points system to determine who they call for new grad interviews, if you look at the survey for the new grad posting that gives you can indication of what they give points for. For the CNI is $22.48 an hr at Duke. UNC is $21.54 the first year, then $23.61 second year. UNC weekend differentials are much higher.
  16. ShakeItOff0515

    Duke ABSN Fall 2015

    Current student here... In the past I would say the GPA wouldn't necessarily be a problem. Duke looks at applications holistically. However, I have heard information that the admissions committee does seem more focused on GPA than in the past. How accurate this is I have no idea, I didn't hear it directly. I would try to acknowledge it in your essays. You won't know unless you apply.