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  1. DancinGal

    NFP questions

    Hi, I realize your post was a few months ago but I'm wondering how it went? Did you get the job? If so, do you like it? I'm currently interviewing with NFP in my area, and would love to hear how things are going for you!
  2. DancinGal

    Non-Traditional New Grad Seeking Job Advice

    Thank you all for the encouragement! My heart was already tugging me in that direction, guess I just need the confidence to follow my own path instead of worrying so much about what I'm "supposed to do." Jedrnurse: you mentioned professional development geared toward school nursing, which I think is a fantastic idea! I noticed that you're a very experienced school nurse, do you (or anyone else here) have any suggestions that might get me pointed in the right direction?
  3. Hello fellow nurses! I am hoping to pick your collective brains and get some honest advice about choosing my first job out of nursing school (I graduate this May). First, a little about me. I am not the typical new grad nurse. I am 45 years old, and have been an LPN for more than a decade (mostly working in LCF's with some skilled nursing units thrown in) and an STNA on a cardiac unit of a major hospital for a few years before that. My first career, before getting into healthcare, was in social services. I am now just about to complete a 2nd-degree BSN. I know the conventional wisdom is to first and foremost get at least a year or two of bedside nursing experience, preferably on a med-surg unit, to get the lay of the land and develop solid assessment skills and nursing judgement. I completely understand the logic of this, and consider myself extremely fortunate to have already been offered a position in a nursing residency program at the largest hospital system in my area (I have been given the choice of either staying on the med-surg unit where I am doing my preceptorship, or going to the ED). However.... for the past decade I have also been doing a significant amount of volunteer work in the public/community health realm, and have discovered that is where my passion lies. Pre-pandemic, I was running large-scale vaccination clinics with my local MRC, and was one of two nurses responsible for a long-term disease management program at the local free-clinic. And for the past year, my involvement in public health has only increased, as I have become a member of the Covid Response Team at my state's department of health. I love doing this kind of community based work, and at this point in my career I have a hard time imagining myself going back to a hospital setting. I am also a single parent with 2 elementary school kids at home and no local family support, so those 12 hour shifts with alternating weekends and holidays are really tough (and expensive!) from a childcare standpoint. As it turns out, I have also been offered a position as a school nurse in the largest school system in my state. The pay is comparable to the hospital position, with much better benefits. The hours are fantastic for my work-life balance, allowing me to have summers and holidays off with my kids (and not having to scramble for last-minute babysitters every time there's a snow day!) They even pay into the same public employee retirement system where I already have 10 years vested. Perhaps most importantly, it would allow me to remain in a community setting, utilizing some of those social services skills from my previous career, which is right up my alley. And yes, I do actually enjoy being around kids all day, at least most days 🙂 Honestly, I am having a hard time seeing a downside with the school nurse job, and am inclined to go for it. However, in the back of my mind I do still have some nagging concerns about skipping that year or two of bedside nursing right out of school. I do already have some pretty solid assessment skills from my years as an LPN, but obviously the scope of practice for an RN is much greater, and I just want to be smart about how I move forward. Hoping to draw on the collective wisdom and experience of this group, and welcome any and all advice. Thanks so much!
  4. DancinGal

    OSU Grad Entry 2018

    Man, I hope I didn't look as bumbling as I felt during that interview! I'm usually pretty good face-to-face, but staring into a camera felt sorta weird. Oh well. Hopefully they'll take nerves into account. Good luck everyone, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for us all!
  5. DancinGal

    OSU Grad Entry 2018

    I am from Cincinnati originally, but have lived in a bunch of different places around the world... Morocco, Spain, India, the Netherlands. These days I live in Worthington with my husband and kids. I originally came to Columbus for my undergrad at OSU, and somehow I keep landing back here :)
  6. DancinGal

    OSU Grad Entry 2018

    Hey there, I'm also in the 'nervous applicant club' and will be interviewing for the WHNP specialty. This timed, recorded interview format sounds a little nerve-wracking, but I guess it's good to know we're still in the running!