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  1. TheDude77

    EKU DNP program

    IT issues are going to occur. I had trouble connecting to one of my proctored finals and when I menrioned it to my two friends in class with me the said the same. It wasn't anything major but all of us were scared that we werent going to be able to take the final for a second. The program is intense. You are going to teach yourself.
  2. TheDude77

    what happens if IT issue intervenes in online schooling?

    The instructor for my current course actually brought up how there were technical difficulties for several people in pharm when it came to examity and the final. She basically said make sure that you do a "speed test" to check your upload/download speed prior to testing, make sure you are "wired in" and not wireless, and make sure that no one else is on the internet. They basically tried to cover everything that could cause a slower connection or lag time. She also mentioned there were problems with pharm because the tests were not on blackboard but on another platform which was an issue.
  3. TheDude77

    Oral Comprehensive Exam???

  4. Anyone?
  5. I am looking for someone that has graduated with an NP degree from EKU for moral support!
  6. TheDude77

    EKU DNP program

    I originally left a fairly long post about EKU but deleted it. PM me if you have any questions.
  7. TheDude77

    RN Experience helpful to aspiring APRN

    Blue, empty your inbox so I can PM you
  8. TheDude77

    Nurses Attacked by Patient

    Yes, we do have one. The plan basically states that we take the patients off the unit to a designated area, the same area we go for tornadoes. In addition to that, the security guards come to the unit which doesn't normally happen unless a code B is called. But, I have already stated that this is what I would do in a previous post. And if the agitated patient with a weapon is in between us and the door to the designated area, I would gather everyone on one side of the hall and shut the door in the middle. Which I also stated. So for cripes sake....
  9. TheDude77

    Nurses Attacked by Patient

    I understand. It is very different. Poor staffing is what worries me the most because there is no one to respond to codes.
  10. TheDude77

    Nurses Attacked by Patient

    I think everyone has to realize how bad it would look if I ran off the unit because my unit is locked. I would have locked my other 29 patients in with the agitated guy with no way out.
  11. TheDude77

    Nurses Attacked by Patient

    So what would your suggestion be? Instead of responding with a sassy comment, what is your suggestion if you were a nurse on a unit like mine? Locked unit, 30 patients that are not bed ridden and in the hallway, one hallway, no locks on doors, and no easy way out. It sounds like you are suggesting I run off the unit because I have a badge and keys and leave the 29 other patients in the hall with the pipe swinger to fend for themselves.
  12. TheDude77

    Nurses Attacked by Patient

    I am not saying what they did is wrong. I was purely speaking as a nurse employed in a certain setting. I am definitely not defending what would be asked of me because I think it is ludicrous, but I cannot change the way those above me in my hospital would see the situation. I was just thinking out loud so to speak. What would I do in that situation? Because I would not be able to run off the unit and I would have 29 others in the hall. My original comment may confuse some as I should have stated that being a psych nurse I may see things differently as hospital policies are different. The whole 15 minute rounds thing came in to play when another person made a suggestion in my "what the heck would I do scenario?". The suggestion was locking everyone in their rooms however there are no locks and if there were rounds would be troublesome because you would have to sit there and mess with the doors. I would love for everyone to run for their lives....but being locked on a unit that is literally one hallway with no where to hide (because hiding places are not smart in a psych hospital) would make that difficult.
  13. TheDude77

    Nurses Attacked by Patient

    Oh my gosh! I am guessing he isn't in jail because he isn't competent to stand trial? I am glad that you are OK and nothing terrible happened to you or the baby. I have had patients that have murdered 15-20 years ago and I can never finger out how these people get out of jail.
  14. TheDude77

    Nurses Attacked by Patient

    I'm really astonished that so many people find it mind blowing that 15 minute rounds are not optional in a psych hospital. Mental health workers get paid to do one task all day long....rounds. That's all they do. Walk up and down the hall every 15 minutes, visualizing each patient and marking their location. If rounds were optional, then the patient's on my unit would not be in an inpatient setting. They are hospitalized to be supervised around the clock. If a patient goes irate and has access to some sort of metal bar...well... We have a whole other issue of where the heck did a metal bar come from.
  15. TheDude77

    I need encouragement/motivation

    It's funny you should say that. I was just telling a co-worker that I go through all the stress so I can get off the floor I work on.
  16. TheDude77

    MSN-PMHNP Program Recommendations?

    This is how the clinical "requirements" are at my school. They didn't say it was a requirement but they "want" clinical to occur during day shift hours M-F. They do not send out a list of possible preceptors unless you ask for one. My friend and fellow student asked for the list and it was not up to date and did not help her find a preceptor. The places they will allow us to do clinical, especially the FNP students, is very limited. No hospitals, no immediate or urgent cares. Must be a traditional doctor's office. This info was not disclosed to me prior to enrollment.

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