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  1. TheDude77

    Paying Preceptor

    That's what I just ran into. I was setting up the rest of my clinicals and found out that the office (not the NP) are thinking about charging bc they are "providing a service". Ridiculous.
  2. TheDude77

    EKU DNP program

    I'm in the MSN program for my NP and I feel like I'm teaching myself as well. And so do many of my fellow students.....
  3. TheDude77

    Online NP school vs In class NP school

    I'm in an online program and I say if you have the option of a campus program you should do it. You teach yourself online. Trying to perform a physical assessment check off online..... Difficult. Asking questions gets frustrating online because you have to wait for a response, and if they don't understand what you are asking it gets even more frustrating because you have to wait for another response.
  4. TheDude77

    Collaboration agreement/moving

    I live in a state that requires a 4 year collab. With an MD upon graduation. What at if I graduated, moved to AZ where no agreement is needed, didn't like AZ, and decided to move back? I have been thinking about moving but don't know how it would work if I decided to move back.
  5. TheDude77

    EKU DNP program

    IT issues are going to occur. I had trouble connecting to one of my proctored finals and when I menrioned it to my two friends in class with me the said the same. It wasn't anything major but all of us were scared that we werent going to be able to take the final for a second. The program is intense. You are going to teach yourself.
  6. TheDude77

    what happens if IT issue intervenes in online schooling?

    The instructor for my current course actually brought up how there were technical difficulties for several people in pharm when it came to examity and the final. She basically said make sure that you do a "speed test" to check your upload/download speed prior to testing, make sure you are "wired in" and not wireless, and make sure that no one else is on the internet. They basically tried to cover everything that could cause a slower connection or lag time. She also mentioned there were problems with pharm because the tests were not on blackboard but on another platform which was an issue.
  7. TheDude77

    Oral Comprehensive Exam???

  8. Anyone?
  9. I am looking for someone that has graduated with an NP degree from EKU for moral support!
  10. TheDude77

    EKU DNP program

    I originally left a fairly long post about EKU but deleted it. PM me if you have any questions.
  11. TheDude77

    RN Experience helpful to aspiring APRN

    Blue, empty your inbox so I can PM you
  12. TheDude77

    I need encouragement/motivation

    It's funny you should say that. I was just telling a co-worker that I go through all the stress so I can get off the floor I work on.
  13. TheDude77

    MSN-PMHNP Program Recommendations?

    This is how the clinical "requirements" are at my school. They didn't say it was a requirement but they "want" clinical to occur during day shift hours M-F. They do not send out a list of possible preceptors unless you ask for one. My friend and fellow student asked for the list and it was not up to date and did not help her find a preceptor. The places they will allow us to do clinical, especially the FNP students, is very limited. No hospitals, no immediate or urgent cares. Must be a traditional doctor's office. This info was not disclosed to me prior to enrollment.
  14. TheDude77

    I need encouragement/motivation

    I am almost one year into my PMHNP program. I have a year of class left and then a semester of 360 hours to complete. At this point I am already tired and a little burnt out. I attend an online school that doesn't have traditional breaks in-between classes. Just the other day I was daydreaming about how I was complaining about this crazy research paper I had to write 6 months ago, and how I would love to get back to that level of stress. This are getting so much more intense...quickly. Anyone have any encouraging words? BLAH
  15. TheDude77

    New Grad NP without prior RN experience

    I do not have an answer to your question, but a comment. I have seen many people on this site state that going this route is a disadvantage in that it can be harder to get hired. But, a positive as your starting school from scratch...thinking from a provider perspective from the very start...rather than an RN's perspective...which can create a struggle when it comes to test taking.
  16. TheDude77

    All these NPs making less than RNs?

    I decided to go to NP school for several reasons, and yes, money was one of them. Other included lifestyle change, family time...making my own hours if working out of an outpatient office (I am PMHNP), and wanting to learn more and be on the provider side. I think a lot of people talk about the money because of the cost of education. If I am spending tens of thousands to educate myself, I want it to pay off.