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  1. Dominican College ABSN 2015-2016

    just did the placement test online. it wasnt bad
  2. Dominican College ABSN 2015-2016

    I haven't yet. Waiting for the orientation
  3. Dominican College ABSN 2015-2016

    i just got accepted
  4. Dominican College ABSN 2015-2016

    are you going to orientation
  5. I don't know if this is the right place to put it but i wanted to know if anyone applied to this school and got an answer. I just got my letter :-)
  6. Concordia Fall 2014 ABSN Program

    i was looking into this school and noticed the fall 2104 application is still up. What is the deadline?
  7. thank you :)
  8. is this in the wrong section?
  9. Hello, I am not sure if this is in the right section but I have started looking into the Nurse Practitioner specialties and was wondering exactly what is considered a specialty and sub-specialty. I'm looking into family health, women's health, and or...
  10. NYU Non accelerated Program

    No comments
  11. NYU Non accelerated Program

    Heyyy everyone. So i just wanted to know if any of you were accepted into NYU accelerated program through the non accelerated track. My school isnt letting me take nutrition because im going to be a senior and they dont have life span and i cant take...
  12. Nervous, need some advice

    yea i had a feeling. I had a bad first year so i though about taking it again. i have some volunteering experience but we'll see
  13. CUNY LEHMAN - Accelerated Program Questions

    you have to be a student in order to apply to the program? i wanted to apple there and i didnt see it on the website
  14. Nervous, need some advice

    Hi guysss. When i graduated high school i was in the 4 year bsn track to nursing and commuted. Really bad problems so i transferred but had to change my major. I major in psychology and minor in both chem and biology. Im planning on applying to the a...