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  1. License in jeopardy?

    I interviewed for an RN job with a cardiology clinic. During the interview I was told I would do things that would feel like I'm putting my license in jeopardy because of a lack of protocol. Is this common with working in the office setting?
  2. Pre/PACU/post in ortho ASC

    I got offered a job in an ortho/spine ASC. This job will include pre/post(phase1 and 2). Most recently I was working in pre/post at a busy hospital. Before that I worked ER. I'm curious as to what to expect from an ASC flow and especially PACU in thi...
  3. Old dog new tricks?

    I've been an adult nurse for 14 years. I bounced between ER and pre/post caths and op surgery. I've always wanted to do peds and my town just built a peds hospital. I applied and got a job working on a general med/surg floor starting next month. I'm ...
  4. I was wondering how you like the DNP program? Does it let you sit for FNP boards afterwards?
  5. Podcasts

    Are there any emergency or critical care nursing podcasts I could subscribe to? Thanks.
  6. PCCN failure

  7. EP lab information

    Thanks for your input! I'm a fairly low key person so maybe EP would be right up my alley : )
  8. EP Nurses

    Hello SMYSJanie! I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit about your job. I'm going in for an interview in my hospital's EP lab. Any tips for the interview? What type of person do you feel makes a good EP nurse? Thanks!
  9. EP lab information

    Hello! I'm considering accepting a position in my hospital's EP lab. I have been a nurse for 10 years with experience in ER (currently), cardiac step down, and cardiac research. What do you like most/least about the EP lab? And anything else you woul...
  10. New nurse: I get no respect

    Everyone should be treated with respect. You shouldn't have to prove yourself to receive simple human decency. While becoming respected as a nurse should be earned, being with simple human respect should be given.