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  1. Galen School of Nursing

    Did y'all's GPA matter to getting in? I am applying but only have a 3.01
  2. 3.01 Applying

    Thanks everyone! I will be applying to community ADN programs and a private BSN program in hopes of raising my chances. After this, if I don't get in, I will retake those three classes.
  3. 3.01 Applying

    So far, my hopes are so low. I'm not sure what to do. My overall GPA is a 3.01, and likely won't rise past a 3.11-3.13 by the end of this semester, assuming straight A's. I've taken all by 2 pre-Reqs, taking TEAS in a month, and am getting ready for ...
  4. Working as a CNA before nursing school?

    I worked as a CNA in a nursing home, and will recommend it to every nursing student out there. It made me realize nursing was for sure the right path for me. In FL, starting CNAs in nursing homes make about $8.00-9.50.
  5. Excuse me if this gets a bit lengthy. I am a sophomore at University of South Florida. My current GPA is, I believe 3.19, with a 3.2 in Pre-Reqs. That should increase to about 3.33 and 3.46 by the end of this semester. Regardless, this is terrible an...
  6. Accepted: USF Accelerated BSN Summer 2013!

    What was everyone's stats and volunteer experience :) CONGRATS
  7. What was everyone accepted stats c/pre req and volunteer experience :) Congrats you all!
  8. BSN hopeful... USF, UNF, UCF, FAU...

    That's a good point to think about. I will keep it in mind! For overall GPA, is it worth it to retake precalc, you think? Anything else?
  9. BSN hopeful... USF, UNF, UCF, FAU...

    I definitely have studied and almost memorized the pre-Reqs and minimums for these programs! I will have the classes done for all of them, it's just the GPA that scares me. Though they basically all say minimum 3.0, we know that the average acceptanc...
  10. Hello Online world! I am currently a freshman at USF, and am a hopeful nursing student. However, I feel very discouraged already and am trying to get a grip on where I stand in the FL BSN competition. Some stats on me... I had a 3.85GPA for the past...