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  1. Has anyone applied for the fall 2018 bridge?
  2. beckntrev

    BCC nursing 2018

    I applied to the bridge.. 😁
  3. beckntrev

    Bristol Community College-Fall 2015?!

    Letters are going out next week for LPN's they said when I called
  4. beckntrev

    Bristol Community College bridge program

    Hi lisa.. Have you received your acceptance letter? I am applying for readmission for the fall and I am still waiting to hear..I know LPN's get first priority on admission over re-admits, also a classmate of mine was accepted with a 3.0 , so have faith..💊💉➕
  5. I created a GROUP on Facebook if anyone wishes to join. ) Look for Bristol Community College - Nursing 2013-2015
  6. Thank you for the encouraging words Nur2014..
  7. I'm still praying for you girls......
  8. it will show up on your Degree Works after 7pm tonight,,
  9. I got traditional... fingers crossed for you homesteader....
  10. My major changed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Congrats Teddie!! I applyed for Ehealth also.... fingers crossed X
  12. I'm not sure how they select who gets what
  13. Yea.. 72 in Fall River and 24 in ehealth New Bedford. I can't wait til this is over with already...but at least I talked directly to someone and got answers...it's making me anxious..... Haha..