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  1. abasel_99

    Delhi or Bombay !

    I live in Saudi Arabia . I received the eligibility letter and looking to register for the exam ,,,, the closest place to me is India , but there are many Pearson AVU canters there ,,, so which center (city) do you recommend me to have the test in & why ??. thanks for ur cooperation. :smilecoffeecup: Basel AbdulQader RN, MSN
  2. abasel_99

    CCU - Removal of Femoral Sheath by Registered Nurses

    hi i advise you all to read this interesting article: vascular complications after percutaneous coronary interventions following hemostasis with manual compression versus arteriotomy closure devices * article journal of the american college of cardiology, volume 38, issue 3, september 2001, pages 638-641 george dangas, roxana mehran, spyros kokolis, dmitriy feldman, lowell f. satler, augusto d. pichard, kenneth m. kent, alexandra j. lansky, gregg w. stone and martin b. leon
  3. abasel_99

    CCU - Removal of Femoral Sheath by Registered Nurses

    at my institution , we are certified to pull sheaths mannually .ACT must be less than 160 and all anticoagulants must be off except aggrastat on our PTCA patients.