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  1. EZsunday

    Summer Classes

    Gonna try and do micro + lab and an EMT basic course over a 12 wk session. Nervous but motivated about a crammed summer.
  2. EZsunday

    EMT or CNA for Pre-Nursing Student?

    Im trying to figure out the same course of action as you are right now. I've decided to do EMT basic because I want to do Trauma/ ER. I do think more jobs will be available for CNAs rather than EMT-Bs but they are out there for both. Ultimately you should do what you think will be most beneficial. I want to be a Flight nurse so I need the EMS skills of patient transport and rapid assessment which being an EMT will provide. I agree with the other responses on switching from psych to Nursing. Im now pursuing a second bachelors and wished I would have done nursing the first time around. Save yourself the time and money and go into the field you want to be in. You can always get a minor in psych.
  3. EZsunday

    CNA vs EMT basic

    Thanks for all your feedback and suggestions. After talking to some nurse techs at the hospital where I volunteer and taking into consideration what you all have said I've decided to enroll in an EMT basic course during the summer. The program I'm enrolling in offers a 6wk crash course for EMT intermediate right after basic which hopefully I can handle. I'm fascinated with trauma and I do think the critical thinking and rapid patient assessment is what I'm gonna need to be a flight nurse down the line.
  4. EZsunday

    Community college or university?

    I am pursuing a 2nd bachelors in nursing so I've decided to go the CC route. It's a lot cheaper and quicker. Some hospitals will pay for your BSN if you sign a contract with them which is something to consider. This is what I'm hoping to do to get my BSN.
  5. EZsunday

    CNA vs EMT basic

    Do you work part time or full time? Ideally I would love to work as an EMT with an ambulance only on weekends, but I know that would be hard to swing.
  6. EZsunday

    CNA vs EMT basic

    Thanks for the advice! Definitely gave me somethings to consider. Hadn't thought of the license renewal.
  7. EZsunday

    CNA vs EMT basic

    Awesome. From what I've been told entry level CNA get work usually at nursing homes have you heard the same thing?
  8. EZsunday

    CNA vs EMT basic

  9. EZsunday

    CNA vs EMT basic

    Hey so Im at a bit of a crossroads and need some advice. I'm pursuing my 2nd bachelors in nursing and am looking at getting into the medical field in the meantime while I take all the prereqs. I was wondering if anyone had advice on whether it would be more worth while to get a CNA or EMT basic since they are both basically 1 semester courses. I do have 70+ hrs volunteering at an emergency room if that makes any difference as far as clinic hrs go.