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Cardiac surgical PCU, moderate sedation

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Star RN has 12 years experience and specializes in Cardiac surgical PCU, moderate sedation.

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  1. Grrr the nerve of management.

    Ahhhh.....the politics! Well, yes you do need to be careful in how you approach this. Sounds like you might not have much support from at least one of the charge nurses. I'm am sure you are probably not the only one in your dept. who feels this way a...
  2. Pushing a Cardizem bolus

    20 mins? Is WAY too slow and outside the standard. - agree and probably would obtain an order for picc ASAP
  3. Human Patient Simulators

    Wow, wish they had this when I was in nursing school. I can understand how this could be very useful. I don't believe it should replace clinical time at all. The sim class would be a great supplement to the program and should be a requirement.
  4. I agree with S.G for the majority of new grads. In radiology, and even more so out of the hospital setting you need to be able to work autonomously. Just because they will take you, doesn't mean it's the best move professionally or more importantly,s...
  5. Error, duplicate post
  6. New grad angio/IR nursing/prep/recovery

    First, congrats on the position! I hope you will have a great preceptor. This makes a HUGE difference in stress level your first year as an RN. I had 10yrs cardiac surgical PCU/float CSU experience prior to my current position. I now work in an outpa...