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  1. University of Maryland Shady Grove Campus - Fall 2013

    MusictoMedicine, Congratulations to you as well. I haven't joined the Facebook group yet, but I'd like to. What exactly is the name of the group?-Ryan
  2. University of Maryland Shady Grove Campus - Fall 2013

    Hello Everyone, So just wanted to follow up on my initial post. After a long work week, I came home to find a letter from U of MD in the mail, an acceptance letter that is. So I'll be starting @ the Shady Grove campus Fall 2013. Have you guys b...
  3. Online Statistics Class?

    I completed Statistics completely online through AMU (American Military University), which has a civilian counterpart APU (American Public University). These schools are both regionally accredited and all coursework, along with all exams are not proc...
  4. Hello Everyone, Thought I'd start I thread for anyone out there who has also applied for The University of Maryland School of Nursing @ the Shady Grove Campus for Fall 2013. I've read through numerous old "All Nurses" threads of students waiting...

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