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  1. joy&caring

    Leaving Home Health Nursing

    Sounds like you have a lot of experience! How about adding ACLS, PALS, NRP, TNCC, ENPC to your list of certificates? Since you've had past ED experience, you could take the CEN to show that you still have the knowledge. I know this might cost quite a penny, but you could get the essential certificates, submit your applications to hospitals, and see what happens. I've kept myself updated with ACLS, PALS, NRP, TNCC, & ENPC, just so I stay up-to-date with the skills. Its stuff you are familiar with already Update us on how it goes! It could help some of us (with years of experience in acute care and home care) transition back to the hospital.
  2. joy&caring

    Outgrown PDN

    I was feeling that way after several years into it. I had a great schedule, great patients, what more could I ask for? Another PDN suggested I go back for my BSN. Learning new things in the program helped a lot. I also considered going for a few certifications related to my specialty area, since I have several years of nursing experience already. I have considered pursuing my MSN, and hope to take 1 course at a time, along with working full time and keeping my current work schedule. What was an eye opener (for me) was when I did some clinical time in the hospital for my BSN courses. Wow! After 2 semesters of that, I saw how good I had it in having a flexible full time work schedule, having great patients, working with positive and upbeat nurses, and working for good agencies. Are you currently taking courses for the summer semester?
  3. joy&caring

    OASIS Certification Exam COS-C

    I'm reviewing the same information too, and have worked in home health for over a decade. I couldn't really find any other study materials out there except for what CMS has provided.
  4. joy&caring

    OASIS Certification Exam COS-C

    Congratulations, Robnh1! Wonderful Accomplishments!
  5. Anyone a Homecare Clinical Specialist - Oasis (HCS-O)? I'd like to know more about this certification.
  6. joy&caring

    Home Care Clinical Specialist-OASIS (HCS-O) ?

  7. Is anyone certified as a 'Home Care Clinical Specialist-OASIS' (HCS-O)? If anyone is HCS-O certified, did you find it helpful to be COS-C certified first? The HCS-O certification exam is administered through the Board of Medical Specialty Coding and Compliance.
  8. joy&caring


    To register for the COS-C exam, google: oasisanswers + cos-c-exam The link is posted below, but unsure if it'll show. cos-c-exam COS-C = Certificate for OASIS Specialist-Clinical
  9. joy&caring

    I just have to share my happiness...

    Thanks for sharing! I know that this message was posted a while back. Are you still at the same job with the same company? How do you like your job so far?
  10. joy&caring

    New nurse / new to HH / tons of questions

    Thank you for posting this resource! Do you have any suggestions for other resources for new home health nurses?
  11. joy&caring

    FQHC: Federally Quallified Health Center

    Thank you for posting that Executive Summary. Very eye-opening! Thank you for posting the above links. It will definitely help many of us who are looking for similar places.
  12. joy&caring

    FQHC: Federally Quallified Health Center

    Thank you for pointing us in the right direction! =)
  13. Great perspective! Thank you!
  14. joy&caring

    interview in a clinic HELP!!

    I found another post in Ambulatory Care Nursing, entitled "Urgent Care Interview." Jean Marie46514 posted very helpful information below. Hope it helps.
  15. joy&caring

    Urgent Care Interview

    Great resources! Thank you for posting these =)
  16. Thank you for posting this! Have you been on any trips through these organizations?