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  1. Mhaidara

    Requirements for Georgia RN licensing by endorsement

    That is exactly what I was telling myself, so i think there is hope. I've been a registered nurse for about 6 years now, I had to take a year off last year for mat leave but now i'm back practicing. And yes I've worked in an acute medical unit, I've also worked in a general surgery unit and now I'm doing Home care. If you don't mind me asking how's the job opportunities for RNs in Georgia now, is it easier to find jobs or harder. Thank you
  2. Mhaidara

    Requirements for Georgia RN licensing by endorsement

    Thanks a lot for replying, I called the board but they could not tell me wether or not they accept the hours from canada, so now I guess I just have to send them my application and hope for the best. I was wondering if someone went through the same situation as me and was hoping that I could get an answer before submitting my application. Thanks again
  3. Hello, I have a question regarding applying for RN licensing by endorsement in Georgia. I now have an active license in Minnesota and planning to transfer my license to Georgia but since I had my license in Minnesota I haven't work there yet. I have been working in Canada as a registered nurse for about 6 months. Will i be eligible for the 500 hours of work experience required to have your license transferred even though I haven't been working in the United States. PS: I have graduated from nursing school more than 4 years Thank you!