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  1. jmd

    frustrated and disappointed

    Not sure if you are still looking but I think in O.C.C there is a lot of misinformation. If you have your prereqs done you can apply. There is no "waiting list" per se but their selection criteria is as follows: 1) When were prereqs finished. So those who finished in Winter 05 will be selected over Winter 06 if they have reapplied. 2) Amount of prereqs taken at OCC. Obviously if 2 students have finished in Winter 05 but one has all schooling from OCC and the other has it from another school they will choose the OCC student first. 3) Prereq G.P.A. All things being equal it falls to grades. Basically my understanding is that the waiting list is done. The selection critieria still gives those who have been done longer a leg up but you must reapply every year and will not just be put on a waiting list and called. I haven't looked at any other schools which may be wishful thinking on my part but oh well. I am crossing my fingers that I get in this fall.
  2. jmd

    Roll Call

    was on here a while back...but school + work have been taking over:uhoh3: Should be in NS come this Fall...selling house and quiting programming job with General Motors this summer. Can't wait for the "pillow fights" lol... No, I am really excited about this opportunity...I am giving up a lot to get there but I think this is certainly what Robert Frost was talking about;)
  3. You could always slap it in your resume. Potential employers will think your sooo good that you bridged the gender gap :chuckle
  4. jmd

    Ok guys, I'm taking the plunge!

    GL guys. I am in school as well and I am learning more than my pea brain can hold but I am really enjoying. The worst part is I miss my family so much but the time I don't have my nose in a book or writing some research paper I am with them. The nice thing is that has boiled my life down to it's essentials and I cannot believe the amount of needless fat I was able to trim out of it.
  5. jmd

    Required to wear girly scrubs

    I think he handled it perfectly. I love the guy threads cause I learn so much about what to expect once out of school. I for one am not a super macho man but I understand that when working in such a demanding environment it's at least nice to be able to feel comfortable with what you wear. As an employer I would prefer my people be focused on the task at hand rather then self-conscious about their appearance. The fact is that standards aren't the same across the board in other professions. Woman firefighters have lower entrance requirements for strength and stamina testing and that I consider much more critical to their job than the color of clothes one wears. Now I would never pursue legal action because I doubt it is an overt attempt to make a group of people feel uncomfortable but the fact is that it does make some individuals uncomfortable and that should be recognized and considered. In a field that is in such demand for people you would think an attempt to somewhat accommodate a huge demographic like males who on a whole do not consider the nursing profession would be a smart idea.
  6. jmd

    New and In Trouble. Please Help!

    Not that I have been in that situation and can offer any help but I am still guitly of writing 2004 on checks occasionally Seems like an extremely innocent mistake that I will likely make many times. Heck, if I get my kids names correct that is reason to celebrate :chuckle
  7. jmd

    Choice Between Adn Vs Bsn

    I understand going for goals and whatnot but I think once you are adn and pass nclex you can work in the field and gain invaluable experience and continue to work towards your BSN. 2 hours a day...assume you drive that for 2.5 years w 2 days a week...you lose about 22 days of your life Not to mention the amount of money you will save creditwise. I pay about $56 per credit hour going for ADN where with the University would be about $140 per credit hour. In the end I will have the same degree because my plan is to continue through with my BSN but also a couple years of experience and save some valuable money and time along the way. But again it is a very personal thing that one must look at what most closely matches your goals.
  8. I wasn't offended...I didn't really like the show though. It's like how many hospital dramas and forensic police dramas can the market support???
  9. jmd

    New and In Trouble. Please Help!

    So how much time are we talking about and for how long was that mistake made for? Are we talking a week, a month, 5 years? It sounded like it was a week or so that you miswrote your time.
  10. Shows like Grays Anatomy are why I watch Scrubs I wouldn't worry...anyone that has been in a hospital will realize that Nurses run the show. A few years back my wife was in the hospital for 4 days and she saw a doctor once for 5 minutes. Her care and recovery was all the nurses work. The Doctors are just there to assist them on occasion
  11. jmd

    OB Clinicals

    It comes down to the individual. I am the father of 4 and OB is an area I am extremely comfortable with. My wife doesn't care what gender the nurse/doctors were as long as they were kind and knowledgable. If you do your job well and treat people with kindness and respect you will have no problem and such is true of all in life. When we had our first I can say from rotation to rotation our experiences with the nurses changed. One shift would be phenominal and the next would be rude and you could tell they hated their job. There are many many male OBGYNs and woman go to them. Why should another team members gender in the healthcare industry be of any consequence.
  12. jmd

    New Guy here, I'm considering nursing as a profession

    lol...welcome to parenting, family, life, etc. Cleaning poop is much easier than eating it in the corporate world everyday. Believe me...I am working my arse off to break out of this 7x7 Gray Prison they call a cubicle. I am not doing to get a job full of praise...but one that actually matters.
  13. jmd

    a.s or b.s

    Where I go to school the local Community College has a special arrangment with the local University. Once you get your ADN and if you pass you NCLEX then you can buy a certain number of credits towards a BSN at the University and puts you that much closer. I am looking at getting an advanced degree beyond that because I have a family to feed I am going for the ADN first. Plus the amount of cash I will save will be tremendous by going this route :)