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  1. Which specialty compensated the most financially?

    Where do you live?
  2. Arizona State University DNP

    Hi I just recently got accepted into ASU's BSN-DNP/FNP program for Fall '16. I can let you know how it goes?I was told it'd be rigorous and advised not to work full time. That's all I've got for now.
  3. iMACRN2FNP You are amazing. Thank you greatly for taking the time out not only to write these questions, but to share them. My interview is in a month. Much appreciated!
  4. ADHD & Aspiring SRNA?

    Why did you give it up? I'm definitely curious and interested in your success story! Unfortunately I am unable to PM because I have not posted up to 15 posts or something like that? However you can PM me your email . This is what people have been doi...
  5. ADHD & Aspiring SRNA?

    @Telenurse1990 Wow thank you for your words of encouragement! That truly means lot. I'm crazy about the profession and would hate to not have at least tried. So thank you.
  6. ADHD & Aspiring SRNA?

    @Skip219 I just attempted to PM you just to reach out, looks like I don't have the ability to PM just yet because I haven't posted up to 15 things yet? But I can receive PM's and might possibly be able to respond to them. Anyhow, if you PM me, I migh...
  7. ADHD & Aspiring SRNA?

    @skip219 Ok. I see.So you had A LOT falling on your back during that time period. I guess it's true what they say about Anesthesia school, that anything bad that could happen will happen. I'm so sorry you had to go through that during such a rigorous...
  8. ADHD & Aspiring SRNA?

    Hey Skip219 You seriously have no idea how grateful I am for this response. You were so honest with me, and for that I am appreciative. Everything you described is EXACTLY what I was going through when I got hired at this ICU here where I live. I was...
  9. ADHD & Aspiring SRNA?

    Greetings everyone! To our advantage, we have the ability to write on this all nurses blog freely and inconspicuously without our true identities being exposed. With that being said: I was recently diagnosed with Adult ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperac...
  10. Hopeful CRNA

    Does anyone else have any other ideas in regards to my uphill journey?
  11. Hopeful CRNA

    That is very quality advice. I was thinking that by the time I would have started the program, it'd be 2015 or for some even 2016 so I figured that would've given me 1 1/2 years of experience, but it would indeed help if I got more experience. Also I...
  12. What were your experiences? (Please Read)

    Awesome encouragement! I hope you're loving you're icu experience. I got hired there after 6 months of stepdown experience. My advice to anyone is that if icu is what you really want, go after it regardless! :)
  13. Hopeful CRNA

    OK, I'll try not to be too long winded here. My situation is this: I'm a25 year old female. I was originally a Division I Collegiate athlete in my 4yr undergrad program. Needless to say, as a communications major,I was failing BADLY. After a massive...
  14. What were your experiences? (Please Read)

    Great. So now that I'm OFFICIALLY an RN 75 Questions later, once again, how were you all able to get into an ICU?
  15. Hello, I'm currently a nursing student that graduates with my RN in May. Technically, I'm considered a new grad, however, I've been blessed with the opportunity to work in the ED for the last year as an LPN. Nonetheless, my passion is high acuity icu...