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  1. I'm just getting started with researching international travel nurse companies that do U.K. assignment placements for US nurses. I was wondering if anyone has had positive experience with any of the companies, or have any recommendations on which company or companies have been star performers? So far with my google search I came across Continental Travel Nursing company right away, I've seen a mix bag of +/-experiences with them. Mostly the negatives r/t timely placement. Travel Nurse Central I saw had a pretty long list of companies, hehe even a Nursefinders-UK edition one.
  2. TFalkRN

    Programming courses for NI

    I apologize for annoying you for asking, apparently to you, an over redundant question on the thread. However, I'm currently working as a travel nurse and I don't have a hospital that I'm a regular employee yet to ask if I can have someone tutor me for NI. So I'm choosing option B, getting some formal education. One of the requirement for the Masters in NI at UC-Davis to have a working knowledge of computer programming. Of which needs to be proven either through course work or from on the job training (OJT). From these requirement. I figured I only have one option left, that is to take a course or two. Yes I'm aware NI's don't program computers, but the curriculum requirement requires some knowledge about it. Which can't be proven by saying I just read a book about it. So that is why I'm asking what particular programming language course should I take? ps I don't need to here anyone else's rant on how this question has already been asked a time or two. I don't deserve that, nor does anyone else.
  3. TFalkRN

    Programming courses for NI

    I've been an intensive care nurse for six years and looking into making the transition into nursing informatics (NI). Currently I'm looking at the NI certificate/masters program at UC-Davis, but also looking into taking couple courses in computer programming to establish some knowledge base of computer science. However, I'm not sure which programming language would be the most beneficial to learn( i.e. Java, C, C++, Perl, SMS), or in that which computer courses work I should focus on to establish a solid background in computer science. I'm also considering getting a certificate from UC-Berkeley in Information Systems and Management. However, at the same time I don't want to waste time and money getting a certificate or talking a class I don't need. Would anyone have any input to my quandary?

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