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  1. coto1121

    help with getting back to study for nclex

    @devinebeliever I’m currently researching uworld hurst and Kaplan they all looks good. I’m trying to put a date on retaking the test in the next 90-120 days I need to be prepared I’m so scared
  2. coto1121

    help with getting back to study for nclex

    @Tanya125 thank you. Im debating between hurst-uworld-kaplan. doing a little of research on each and decide which one would be better for me.
  3. coto1121

    study groups

    are any study groups in Miami area for Nclex-RN ?
  4. coto1121

    help with getting back to study for nclex

    @Neo Soldier thank you. i been looking at kaplan and uworld to use as study guide. i will start looking in to getting to date with my BSL's. im aware i will be questioned and prepared to accept any position. i dont have a BSN
  5. i been out of school for almost 4 years. i took nclex couple of months after graduating didn't passed got frustrated and never tried again. now im ready to retake it but not sure where to start. i feel so confused and lost. there so many webs out there i dont know which one would be the best fo me how ow to even start. any suggestions will really help! thanks

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