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  1. mgrossman

    November Session Classes

    I am in logic/crit thinking now... It's an e book for my class.
  2. mgrossman

    any suggestion for HESI review???

    I found a great app for my iPad/iPhone it had great practice questions similar to the format of the actual test. It's called hesi
  3. mgrossman

    Hesi a2 entrance

    Thank you!,
  4. mgrossman

    Hesi a2 for chamberlain

    Oh congrats! Houston would be way warmer! I'll be right outside Chicago in Tinley Park.
  5. mgrossman

    HESI Study Guides

    I thought the prep manual was good but the science areas practice test seemed harder in the book. But I found a great hesi app! It helped the most. Good luck!
  6. mgrossman

    Hesi a2 for chamberlain

    Has anyone taken this test for chamberlain? I'm a second career candidate so my science is very old! I used the prep manual but still feel very unprepared for the science. I'm worried about getting that overall 75%. Any advice? Tips? Suggestions? Thank you!!
  7. mgrossman

    Hesi a2 entrance

    Hi I'm studying for the hesi a2 for chamberlain. I'm looking for helpful hints especially on the math and chemistry section. Are there mole problems? I used the prep manual but some of the conversions on the practice test weren't in the manual such as oz to mL and grams to lbs. are there a lot of these on the actual test? Thanks for your help!