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  1. Hello. I am starting nursing school in 4 days. I got all textbooks and supply that I need for school. Is there anybody who is going to metro or who is already in the program?
  2. MS777

    Iowa western community college

    Is there anybody who got accepted into Iowa western community college in Fall 2017?
  3. MS777

    applied two schools

    I got accepted into nursing program at local community college. Yes I made it! but this school is not the first one where i want to go. I just applied to have backup plan in case i did not get into the one I want to go. I don't hear if accepted or not from ideal community college until late June. I think i have to start into processing in about a few weeks such as health, physical form, background check etc, according to the acceptance letter, and i will start doing that. But is that fine that i start processing half way and change my mind to go to the ideal school when I found out i I got accepted. I am just wondering if i get penalty fee or something.
  4. what score did you get for Teas test??
  5. MS777

    Not accepted into MCC's nursing program

    Hi! I know this thread is a while ago but Im thinking going to apply for MCC nursing program this year. Do you remember why you did not accepted? what was the point you had when you applied? (you know they use point system and maximum point is 50.)
  6. MS777

    Nursing Adviser

    localgirl85 Hopefully I will get accept but even if not there is always next chance. Thank you for encourage me!!
  7. MS777

    Nursing Adviser

    localgirl85 Hopefully I get accepted but even if not there is always next chance. Thank you for encourage me!!
  8. MS777

    Nursing Adviser

    Thank you for encourage me. Hopefully I will get accepted but even if not there is always another chance!!
  9. MS777

    Nursing Adviser

    That's what my husband told me too. I don't know why. I tend to think negative way sometimes.... ok. I'd better start to stay positive:) thanks.
  10. MS777

    Nursing Adviser

    I talked to my school adviser about a week ago and asked see if I am good standard to apply for nursing program next June. She said I have enough points to get accepted. My school uses point system based on GPA, TEAS score and extra point by taking A&P 1,2 which I took already. I have 47.5 out of 50 and she said 47 or above is usually get accepted. But I am wondering about if I am competitive enough or not even tho adviser said I am good. Is usually what school advisers say streight forward? Is there any people who asked adviser before applying program? Did she or he say truth or false?
  11. I am thinking about applying metropolitan CC next June which is the program starts in Fall semester 2017 but I am wondering if my total point is good enough to compete with others. They use point system to accept students. Is there anybody who had 47points or above out of 50 still get accepted?
  12. MS777

    UNMC Acceptance Rate?

    Hi. I am thinking going to apply BSN program if i couldn't get into Metro RN program. It doesn't say on its website but is there entrance exam to get in?
  13. MS777

    ATI TEAS 6 Advice and Recommendations!

    Study guide is not enough? well... I have to study for A&P again. Thank you for the info:) Do you think the actual test was easier than practice test?
  14. MS777

    ATI TEAS 6 Advice and Recommendations!

    Hello!I just took teas 6 practice test online but I only got 60%. i am so disappointed and planning to take a test on this Saturday. Now I feel really nervous because Ive been studying this for a couple months now. The bad thing was I was studying with "teas 5 study manual" from my college library. I didn't know its so much different between two. I just purchased 6 version study manual. hopefully it helps my score to increase. Is the online test harder than actual test? or they are about same? Any comment will be helpful! Thanks!

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