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  1. Picc line question

    I just attended an in-service on this today. Technically you are supposed to reserve one lumen for blood draws, the other for meds. I've seen some specifically ordered that way, and others not addressed. I also learned today that you are to scrub ...
  2. New Grads, How much do you work?

    I'm new-ish, became a RN in June 2012. I was hired at a critical access rural hospital, working 32 hours/week. Out of my class of 16, I was 1 of 3 to get job right away. The rest of my class took 3-6 months to find work. I'm in central Iowa.
  3. Any advice on how to transition from LTC to acute care/ICU?

    When I graduated with my LPN, I went to work in LTC. Initially I worked in the skilled wing, but due to low census, management told me in order get hours, I'd have to be willing to work the nursing home side too. It.was.terrifying. I had little co...
  4. "Difficult" Patients

    If I'm told by the outgoing nurse that a Pt. has been difficult, I try to really do my best to come across as friendly, attentive, and approachable. Sometimes it's not enough to placate the Pt., but I'll give it my best shot.
  5. No Luck

    Have you considered home care or clinic jobs?
  6. Active Duty Air Force RN Interested in Med School

    I think after your field experiences it would be difficult to transition back to the more strictly enforced scope of nursing practice in civilian life. I say if you're willing a ready for a new challenge, go for it.
  7. Do your co-workers know if you are an ADN or BSN nurse?

    I work at a small critical access hospital (17 beds) and the majority of us are ADNs, which is obvious when we discuss where we went to school (CC vs. University). Our employer doesn't differentiate on our badges between adn/bsn/msn.
  8. RN-BSN necessity if existing BS?

    Prior to attending nursing school, I earned a BS in Community Health Education. I live in Iowa, and there is talk of making BSN the standard, instead of ADN. My question is does my BS in a related field "equal" to BSN in employers eyes? Is it wort...