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  1. tschell

    Leno's show

    i can't stand jay leno,either. i did log on to the nbc website and sent an e-mail to mr.leno reminding him that the very funny david letterman loves nurses...
  2. tschell

    NCLEX review classes?????

    hi! i'm also graduating in may! yea! about 10 of us are taking the NSNA NCLEX review class in lacross,wi. the cost for 4 days was $230.00 and there is a money back garauntee(sp?). the first day is all pharm,the next 2 days are gen.review and the last day is all about taking the NCLEX. the biggest reason most of us are taking it is to help boost our confidence. plus we're looking forward to having a little bit of fun! so GOOD LUCK!! may is almost here!!!
  3. tschell

    How hard is A&PI and II

    hi! i took A&P2 with micro and it was a hard semester but it's "do-able!"my family was as glad as i was when that particular semester was over! and now i only have 5 weeks to go till the end!! so good luck, you can do it!!
  4. tschell

    last day of clinicals!!!

    hi!i just had to put it down in writing!!!one more month to go,we have a month of internship,and then we graduate!!but today was our last day of clinicals!!! hopefully no one will ever ask me what my meds are doing at the cellular level!!! if anyone has some advice on how to get as much learning out of internship please let me know.thanks!!
  5. tschell

    returning to nusing school at 30 something

    going back to school at 40 was the BEST decision i ever made!!! i've been an LPN for 21 years and i'm graduating May 19 with my ADN!!!!!!! it was a long,hard road but so worth it! i started in jan.98 because i had to get not only my gen.ed. classes but i also had to take things like math and chemistry,also had to take a biology class. so i say most definitely GO GO GO!!! and good luck
  6. tschell

    nursing practice

    thanks to everyone who answered my request for direction! i really appreciate all the help that i find on this web-site. everyone is so nice,it must be because we're nurses!!!
  7. tschell

    nursing practice

    we are doing an oral presentation in our internship class and i need to discuss Standards and Scope of Nursing Practice. i would like to give some history about how the Nursing Practice Standards came to be but i'm not having any luck with my internet searches. can anyone point me in the right direction? thanks for any help!
  8. tschell

    How old are you?

    oh,my gosh,am I that old?? I'm 42 and I've been an LPN for 21 years but I will be graduating in May with my ADN!!!!! And there are 2 other gals in my class who are my age and one who is a few years older!! So I say go for it! This has been the BEST thing I've ever done but it will be nice to be finished! Also, my husband and our kids can't wait for me to get a paycheck again!!!
  9. tschell

    Would you do it all over again?

    I've been an LPN for 21 years and will graduate in May with my ADN(YEA!!) and I can honestly say there is nothing else I would choose to be but a nurse. I'm sure that some people would laugh but I love taking care of people and helping someone that needs me. There is just something about being a nurse!! Good luck with your decisions.
  10. tschell


    Good Luck!! I am so jealous,I can't wait to be done with school!!!! I'm sure you'll do just fine.
  11. tschell

    ethical issue paper

    Help! i need to do an ethical issue paper on a pt. who refuses tx. for his hypertension because the tx. renders him impotent. ? is should he receive further medical care? i'm stuck on reasons to support the opposite point of view,not receiving care. thanks so much to anyone who can give me some ideas!!!
  12. tschell

    studying techniques

    i'm in third semester going for my ADN after working as an LPN for 20 years!!! the best thing that i have foung to help me through all the hard classes has been FLASHCARDS!! i have probably made hundreds of them over the last two years!!! good luck!!