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  1. Leadership project

    That for sure works too! Thanks
  2. What are the correct answers?

    1- C. i say this because you give nitrate sublingually for rapid absorption. 2- B. the patient's needs are priority. Chances are the doctor is looking at what is available at this specifc location ((they work at multiple hospitals)) 3. a, c, d. These...
  3. Leadership project

    Hello guys, I am in my last semester as a senior BSN student and as the semester rolls on so does my creative/innovative ideas for projects! Ugh, for my leadership class we have to present some type of patient education. I originally was thinking abo...
  4. Test

    Test post. Don't know how to create thread
  5. Leadership project

    Hey guys, As my final semester as a BSN student is wrapping up it sucking all my creative/innovative ideas with it too! Ughhh, I need some ideas for my leadership class. For this project I need to present some type of patient education that is going ...