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  1. Hello Maria, my name is Veronica and I am an LPN. If I can be of any service please email me at nurseatbedside@yahoo.com Thanks.
  2. i am an lpn, and i feel that the course does ask a lot of those of us who take it. but, i am now in my bsn program and have finished taking the patho class and thought that the patho class was a waste of my time, i already knew the material that we were covering. i really enjoyed the lpn program that i took. i took a program that was in the evenings only and lasted from 15 to 24 months. i finished my lpn within 16 months. i have found that the one major difference between one of my friends who is an rn and my lpn is that we, as lpn's took about 700 clinical hours whereas the rn's had about 400 clinical hours. i have never had a problem with underknowledge from the length of the program that i was in compared to an rn. thanks.