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RockyMtnHi-ya has 8 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN, NP and specializes in Family Practice, Integrative/Holistic Health.

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  1. Georgetown FNP 2020

    Looks like a moderator deleted the name of the professor I recommended to you. If it isn't against the rules to share that information via private message, I'd be glad to do so.
  2. Georgetown FNP 2020

    I had (MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME). I'm not sure whether he's still teaching that course; if so, I'd definitely recommend him. He's a physician and is knowledgeable, kind, down-to-Earth, and really gentle and supportive. I liked him enough to register...
  3. Psy np program in Wilkes university

    Did you start/complete this program? If so, would you mind to comment here on your experience?
  4. PMHNP or FNP?

    Here's another perspective. I considered becoming a PMHNP initially but chose to take the FNP route in order to not be pigeon-holed with regard to specialty. When I started school, I lived in a metropolitan area but relocated about halfway through ...
  5. Frontier or Georgetown

    I don't know about the selection process at Frontier, but Georgetown is known for high admissions standards. I will say that I hit a rough patch (due to illness paired with a challenging life situation) early in my college career many years ago and ...
  6. Frontier or Georgetown

    I will tell you that I considered the Cincinnati program as well, in part due to its low price tag. I actually met an FNP student in their final semester/clinical rotation at that school when I was in my first clinical rotation as a new NP student a...
  7. Frontier or Georgetown

    I'm in a rural area and reached out to the provider recruiter of the only hospital system that serves my area. That person sent out a mass email and followed up with me about the providers who responded and said they wanted to host me.
  8. Georgetown FNP 2020

    Yes, Georgetown really does help find clinical preceptors. I graduated in the Summer of 2019 from the FNP program and never had a single clinical issue, and I live in a rural area. I did have to commute 2 hours each way for one semester (I just kno...
  9. Georgetown University MSN

    So, it's doable? I was just accepted to the Spring 2018 cohort and the terror is starting to set in.
  10. Clothing for First Day of Accelerated Program

    Hi, Gogoyogi - Welcome, and congratulations on being admitted! I am a member of the current accelerated class. The first few days, most of us dressed in business casual attire. Since then, we've all been attending lectures in comfy clothes (except ...