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  1. Tinamae

    Stressed LPN

    Thanks so much. I have actually communicated my concerns with my superiors, but when you are more concerned with money than patient care your concerns fall on death ears. With great contemplation I recently resigned from my position of 6 years. I will miss my patients that I have grown to care so deeply about, but if I stay I know I will begin to hate the thing I have wanted to do all my life. I pray that all the stressed great nurses out here luck! May you all have a blessed week!
  2. Tinamae

    Stressed LPN

    I am currently working at a facility where we have one nurse per shift for the 3 floors and 2 RNs that sit in the office. Some days are decent but some days can get really bad! I am the constant go to for everything. Continually questioned and called on by staff, patients, family, etc. while the other 2 nurses keep their door closed “working”. There have been times when they have witnessed the overload of work and even commented “how crazy the day is”. I had recently taken vacation and upon my return was told they do not know how I do it. I am stressed out, continual headaches.. really thinking about quitting!
  3. Tinamae

    Discouraged and Confused LPN

    New grad with 6 mos experience, and I'm not sure if I made a mistake in choosing this career? Told my a more experienced nurse to change my field all together! That more seasoned nurses were not leaving this field and it would take me a long time to get where she is! Wondering if adding more certifications and maybe taking a coding class could help? Signed, DCD (dazed confused disappointed)