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  1. Night shift woes. Please advise.

    My husband is like that. He doesn't understand why I can't sleep because he can fall asleep at the drop of a hat. My brain says it's daytime so get up!
  2. Night shift woes. Please advise.

    i have darkened the room and we have a sound machine that i keep on rain. And yes I've tried every over the counter sleep aid available. Nothing works.
  3. Night shift woes. Please advise.

    I have been working night shift for 1.5 years and never average more than 3 hours sleep during the day. It has taken a toll on my health. I can't remember when the last time I felt good. I am constantly looking for day shift work but there is none ou...
  4. hipaa violation???

    No pull down things. These are folder holders on the wall. Open and not locked. We have told our managers and CNO that we feel we are violating hipaa but they seem not to care. Also we are now doing hand off reports in patients rooms, in front of pat...
  5. hipaa violation???

    general documentation, updates, mar, everything. We are to leave it outside the room, in the hallway and have witnessed family members going through it.
  6. hipaa violation???

    Is it ok to for employers to make nurses leave documentaion where anyone, including family members can read it? We do this where I work and I think it violates the hipaa regs. Anyone have an opinion?