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  1. psych-rn

    Restraints for acute patients...

    WOW I can not believe the use of restraints. What happenned to risk management? If a client is a risk for violence why not call in extra staff to assist? We have two ten bed closed units at my hospital, no jackets and no wrist restraints. We hav...
  2. Is anyone able to give me an e-mail address for the North Eastern Veterans Hospital, Indiana? Specifically I am hoping to contact either Ruth Stevens or Barb Bradford. ------------------
  3. psych-rn

    Nursing outside the USA

    Nursing in Australia is good. Not only is climate nice, but working conditions are good. As a Registered Nurse you are paid in incriments of 1st year to 8th year. 8th year gives you approx $41,000. That is for South Australia. Wages are more in ...
  4. psych-rn

    Acuity Systems

    Hard topic. We have a rostering system that interfaces with another system that is used for generating care plans. Our staff are also paranoid re management wanting to cut staff. I have seen where rosters are altered on a unit level to meet acquit...
  5. psych-rn

    Tell us about your computer system

    I am a Clinical Nurse working in Nursing Informatics. The hospital is a psych hospital only. The system used currently is Excelcare and soon will become E-Care. I am desperately attempting to round up information on these systems re: psych and any ...
  6. psych-rn

    What can nurses really do to help our dying profession?

    Lighten up guys. I don't think anyone has addressed the question. Nursing has a large population and to increase wages minimally potentially could blow the governments budget. I'd appreciate if the hospital I worked for treated me as a private pat...
  7. psych-rn

    My mental state

    Don't panic. I work for the government in Australia and so I can only give advice as to our award. If you have been working only for a year, It is possible that your experiences are related to PTSD. Being confronted every working day by those same...
  8. As a psych nurse, I have contemplated on clinical pathways and I wonder is it possible in psych. How do you set up pathways for an admission of one with Chronic Schiz. Time frames vary as well as treatment process. As a psych hospital we can move ...
  9. psych-rn

    safety on an inpatient psychiatric unit

    Issue 1. We have had a huge drug problem at our hospital. management have employed security staff to monitor the activities of clients and others around the grounds which has decreased the amount of drug deals. We also have warnings that those who...
  10. I work in Adelaide, Australia. I am wanting to put together a submission to our State Premier about hospitals around the world that use Nursing Systems as a basis for providing care. I am interested in the type of system and the effeciency of the s...
  11. psych-rn

    psychiatric pathways

    I'm also very interested in creating pathways in psych. We have a clinical indicators committee running that could use this information. We use electronic nursing care plans but I am lost as to the creation of creating pathways. Would love to comm...