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  1. Scared!!

    It's your license, you don't want to get caught up passing meds in the future. It's also illegal. Take care.
  2. New student! First Exam in 3 days!!

    Thank you! I used the chapter overview and relied mostly on that...scored an 88% ... :) I guess i was nervous because it was our first exam into the program. I had my second exam and scored 86%, I was actually more proud of myself with tese results b...
  3. Our first exam is going to cover Vital Signs, Mobility and Immobility and Activity and Exercise from Potter-Perry Fundamentals. This was covered in our first week of school. I feel as if I'm all over the place in these chapters and don't know if I'm ...
  4. Study Tips for Nursing Students

    Wonderful tips, thank you.
  5. Accepted! Spring 2015 SBVC

    I have been accepted to a nursing program for Spring 2015 beginning January 12th. I've been wanting this my entire life and now I'm terrified! I guess I'm scared about not being at par with many students who have medical background. All I really did...