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  1. mstmj

    Waiting for Alcorn letter ADN

    Hi! I saw in another post that you had applied to Holmes several times. What school did you decide to attend?
  2. mstmj

    Holmes Acceptance Letters 2013

    One person posted in a previous thread that they had a 4.0 GPA before attending. Did you apply to Hinds, UMC as well?
  3. mstmj

    Holmes Acceptance Letters 2013

    I am still taking prerequisites but it seems like most people have a high GPA and high ACT scores.
  4. mstmj

    The choice Hindscc vs Holmescc

    I cannot decide if I should apply or not. Even though my GPA is above the qualifying GPA , I do not know if mine is competitive enough. Reading on these boards, it will make you nervous. It seems they only take people who basically have a 4.0 or close to it.
  5. Hi! I am considering applying to nursing school. After reading so many posts on here, I am wondering what the average GPA / ACT was for people who got into nursing school. If you do not mind, what was your GPA / ACT? Did you have to apply multiple times? Did you already have a degree? What is the point system at Holmes & Hinds? Does UMC have a point system? Do you really need a letter of recommendation to Holmes & Hinds even thought it is not listed? I am interested in UMC, Holmes & Hinds. Thank you for you help!
  6. mstmj

    Holmes or MDCC Acceptance Letters 2012

    Hello,For those of you that got into Holmes, do you mind me asking what you overall GPA was? Prerequisite GPA? ACT? Does having a degree help? Living within the district? What is this point system? Thank you!