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  1. Jesse_An

    Georgia State University

    Has anyone gone through the FNP program at Georgia State? I have applied for Spring 2020. Anyone else apply?
  2. Has anyone gone through their FNP program? Online or on-site? I have applied for Fall 2020.
  3. Jesse_An


    I applied for Fall 2020. Did you get in? Have you started the program yet?
  4. Jesse_An

    South university MSN/FNP Program

    Did you start the program? Have you completed the program? If so would you mind giving me a little insight as far as how you feel about the program? I have applied to start the end of the year/beginning of next year! I know this is an old thread but any insight would be appreciated!
  5. Jesse_An

    Georgia State University FNP Spring 2018

    I know this is an old post but did anyone get in and do you have a minute to discuss the program? I just applied for spring 2020.
  6. Jesse_An

    **Deciding between FNP schools - HELP**

    I know this is an old post but I was wondering if you could update me on South University! How is it going? Would you recommend it to others? My mom and I are applying to FNP schools together currently and she has mentioned applying to South.
  7. Jesse_An

    University of North Georgia

    I just submitted my application to the FNP program at UNG. I am looking for some insight into the program. Will they ever let you know before the application deadline if you are accepted or not? How are the classes and professors?
  8. Jesse_An

    University of North Georgia

    I know this is an old thread! Anyone currently in the program that can give some insight? I plan on submitting my application this week! How are the classes? How are the educators? Anyone have any new or updated information?
  9. Jesse_An

    Georgia SWU-FNP Online

    Anyone finished the program at GSW? Updated thoughts/reviews?
  10. Jesse_An

    Heeding FNP program

    Hello everyone! I am currently trying to decide what school to apply to for my FNP. I’m looking at applying to hybrid programs, as well as, online programs. I haven’t been able to find much on Herzing and was wondering if anyone could give me insight? How is the program? How are the instructors? The tests/quizzes? Did you feel prepared for boards? Thank you for any information or insight at all! I live outside of Atlanta so that would be the closest BM location to me!
  11. I am currently interested in going back to school to become a FNP. I have been looking into Georgia State’s program, as well as the program at the University of North Georgia. I would like advice or insight from anyone currently in either program or that has completed either program. What were the hours like as far as on campus vs. online? Clinicals? Educators? Were you able to maintain full time/part time work? I am looking for any advice in general as far as returning to school to complete my FNP. I have been out of school 4 years now.
  12. Jesse_An

    Piedmont College 2013 Nursing Applicants

    I am excited and nervous all at the same time! :) I am going to get fitted for scrubs when I go to register on Tuesday!
  13. Jesse_An

    Piedmont College 2013 Nursing Applicants

    I have been waiting as well, still haven't heard much else yet. I did have to fill out a verification worksheet for financial aid, like I was telling Overjoyed15. But, other than that I am still waiting to hear more information! :)
  14. Jesse_An

    Piedmont College 2013 Nursing Applicants

    I am too! But, no I have not. I have for financial aid kind of. They needed me to fill out a verification worksheet, but other than that I have not hear anything else yet. Have you?
  15. Jesse_An

    Piedmont College 2013 Nursing Applicants

    Overjoyed15: I will be at Athens as well:)! Yayy! Congrats to you!