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I am a RN who is currently attending California Baptist University's Nurse practitioner program. I am interested in emergency/ trauma nursing, but find it very difficult as a new grad to break into that field, so I am open to whatever the future holds for me. Nursing holds a special place in my heart, as a teenage I was in a traumatic burn accident and spent a few months in a ICU Burn unit trying to heal, it was the interactions with the nurse there, that called me to nursing.

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  1. I am looking into transfering to south's fnp online program. I am currently in a traditional fnp program 3rd semester, and im tired of sitting in a classroom for an entire day listening to a teacher read of powerpoints. Im from cali so I don't know much about this school. Looking for feedback from people who have been through the program. Thanks in advance
  2. tknrosales

    Finally passed NCLEX-RN on 6th Attempt!

    Congrats! Sharing your message with a few in my cohort who are struggling to pass, on their 3rd attempt. Praying for them daily
  3. tknrosales

    Calling all non-traditional nursing students!!!

    Hey there! I am a 36 yr old mom of 2 boys (15yrs and 3 yrs). I tend to do things in a non traditional way. I am a new grad BSN-RN working in the ED (MY DREAM UNIT) for about 5 months. Nursing school is hard, you will have days where you want to cry, days you want to quit, and days that make you feel so stupid! But you can do it, and its totally worth it, if you are going into nursing for the right reasons. This is my second career and my second degree, all the hard work and late nights melt away when you get that first hug from a patient that tells you "thank you, you really made a difference in my stay". Remember thats why you are there. I see far to many nurses treat the patients badly becuase they are tired or overwhelmed. Please new nurses to be, remember your patients are probably at one of their lowest points if they are in the hospital, you can help turn that around for them and make the night a little easier.
  4. tknrosales

    Lost and in need of advice

    I would also look at volunteering at a low income clinic or homeless outreach as an RN. It would show that you are doing something positive on your resume and get you back in the swing of things with patients. Look for "volunteers in medicine ". Maybe also have your resume professionally done. If your resume and cover letter dont stand out, you will be passed over.
  5. tknrosales

    Hate my job

    I am a new grad in the ER and i love it. I have been there for about 4 months, but I work in an incredibly supportive environment. I dont think I could handle the pressure of everything i don't know yet without that support. It sounds like you are not surrounded by supportive staff that want you to succeed. Are you on nights or days? Maybe switch to the opposite shift if possible. Keep in mind there will always be a few nurses on the unit that don't connect with you, thats ok, you can't make everyone happy. ER nurses are tough, we have to be inorder to be ready for whatever comes through the door. Thicken up your skin a bit and realize their behavoir is not all about you. Just worry about keeping your patients alive on your shift. You will get stronger, your skills will get better, and your timing will become faster. It just takes Practice.
  6. tknrosales

    Getting back pain treatment at the hospital you work at.

    Thanks for the advice! I have been going to see a local chiropractor not affiliated with my organization and its seems to be helping. Is so sad that it has come to this. Employees should be valued as part of the family and cared for when we are down, not treated like throw away product that can be so easily replaced. I guess loyalty is a thing of the past
  7. tknrosales

    Help with a school assignment

    You can private message me if you would like honest answers from a real live practicing RN who is still living the struggles of school. It is easy to forget how difficult it was to balance nursing school assignments, work, and the rest of your life. Sometimes we must get resourceful. I am willing to help.
  8. tknrosales

    DNP before NP cert

    Why dont you do the post-masters Np cert now? Then go on to the dnp after starting to work as a FNP? Most DNP programs focus on leadership or systems management, not so much as a clinical population, you do that in the NP track.
  9. tknrosales

    Eisenhower new grad program 2015

    Yes I was hired and I love it!! I was able to get into my dream role as an RN in the ER. I have talked to several people who came through the new grad program, and everyones interview was different. A few of us had two interviews, but some people only had one. The only consistancy seems to be that the interview had at least 2 unit managers. Some people were asked a what would you do in this situation type of question, but my interview was more about why should we choose you. It only lasted about 15 minutes where others lasted almost 45 minutes. I wish I could be of more help, just know who you are and why you are a good fit for the hospital. Do some research about the hospital size, what they specialize in, what unit you want to work on and why.
  10. I'm looking for feedback on seeking medical care at your place of employment. My hospital offers better benifits and lower cost if you get your medical care there. I'm fine with that for routine stuff, but I have back issues and need to start seeing an ortho dr. I am worried that if there are documented back pain issues that could lead to problems with advancement at the hospital in the future. I know it's illegal for employer's to look at your records, but I also know employers don't always follow the rules. Feedback or experiences would be Appreciated.
  11. Hello, I am considering trying to join the navy/airforce as a commissioned officer to help me cover the cost of my advanced practice degree. I am already an RN with a BSN degree, and I'm currently taking classes for my FNP degree. I don't mean to sound naive, but I don't know what basic officer training would look like if it would be possible to manage while I am in school and what the navy/airforce would expect of me. When commissioned RN officers get deployed are they expected to fight, or are they just going in a medical capacity? My problem is I have a 16 and 2 year old to think of, and I am already 35. If anyone can provide guidance, information on what to expect, ect that would be great. Medical recruiters are very hard to get ahold of! Should I be looking into reserves instead of commissioned officer? I'm so confused lol please help! I already owe an arm and leg in student loans, and need options or I'll never reach my DNP
  12. tknrosales

    Frontier University as FNP

    Are there any Frontier FNP students out there? I am interested in finding out if you had to find your own clinical placements, and if so how difficult was it? I am currently in a traditional EL-MSN program, but I am considering trying to transfer to Frontiers MSN-Dnp program. I am just nervous about how serious an online nursing degree will be taken, and how well prepared I will be without that direct clinical instruction. If anyone can chime in and let me know how the process of Frontier's online FNP school was for them I would be grateful. I am a newly licensed RN without a BSN (I have a BS in a different field, and have done all the same classes as a BSN student, they just don't issue it to us)
  13. tknrosales

    EL-MSN programs

    I am interested to know if anyone is enrolled in a EL-MSN program that issues you a BSN after you complete the pre-licensure portion of the program? I am currently in a EL program that does not issue the BSN and I am finding it may cause problems down the road when I want to apply for DNP programs, it also limits the places I can apply (magnet hospitals and the VA). Has anyone else run into this program, if so what solutions have you found? I am at the point where I am considering challenging the additional courses required, or changing programs, which would be a shame, because I love my school.