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Beach23 has 5 years experience and specializes in GI.

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  1. Beach23

    First week of orientation down

    Hi guys....I recently made the switch to GI and have been on my own (off orientations) for about a month. It is a very busy unit and we can have about 100 patients on some days. Overall, I am liking it, and have become comfortable sedating, taken bx, polypectomies, clips, etc. What I haven't done is dilation with EGD and we are so busy that I haven't been able to observe or take the time for someone to show me. I just want to be able to do everything, which is frustrating but I know I will get it with time. Some of the docs are great and are great teachers and are patient. Some are impatient and can be disrespectful and this bothers me. Like any job, we also have the very seasoned nurses who keep to themselves and want do their own thing. I too, am not the best at IVs so being admitting can be a challenge, but is good. The recovery area is the easiest I would say and the patients are usually ready for d/c with in 30 minutes. Overall, it is a good speciality, but I can see how some nursing skills can be lost.
  2. Beach23

    Lack of respect from doctor to nurse

    Thank you so much for your feedback! As I become more proficient with procedures, I should volunteer to do the unfamiliar cases. At this point though, I do not feel comfortable doing some alone such as dilations and we are so busy it is hard to go in a room and watch a case when I have cases to do myself. I cannot thank you enough for you feedback, it truly has helped me :)
  3. Beach23

    Your Most Maddening Patient/Patient's Family Situation

    I love these posts. The joys of working on the floors. I personally just love when the repeat ETOH patient comes in eats three meals a day, (your lucky i get one meal in in 12 hours) and still doesn't get cleaned up. Gets IVF, benzos and then leaves AMA No problem. I'm glad we made you comfortable and we will see you back in the ED for c/o chest pain and do it all over again..
  4. Hi there..I've been a nurse for 6 years and have worked in nephrology, medicine, surgical and now in GI/Endoscopy. I am new to the GI unit and have been learning the different procedures and am enjoying it. My biggest issue is dealing with the many different doctors and their personalities. I feel they can be rude and impatient and I seem to take it personally and cannot shake it sometimes. I understand they are busy, but I am unsure as to why the need to be disrespectful which makes it hard to be a part of the team. I ask questions when I am unsure and always grab someone if I need help with something, instead of winging it for the safety of the patient. These docs I am referring to are not interns or fellows, but the docs who have been in practice for decades. I just wish they would appreciate my willingness to learn and be supportive instead of saying things like "grab someone who knows what they are doing" or get angry in front of the patient. I love my hospital and not all the doctors are like this. I was just curious if anyone had a similar experience and any advice on how not too dwell on this and move on?? On another note, I am also working very seasoned nurses and my 6 years is peanuts compared to them, but I am confident in my nursing skills as I continue to learn and progress in GI. Some of them however I feel are not supportive and and give off the vibe that I don't know anything..I know this happens in many offices/hopsitals, but I seem to take it personally and want to be respected. I love being a nurse, and the longer I continue in GI the better I will get (like any new job)! Thanks guys!
  5. Beach23

    Help! Direct-entry MGH vs. Simmons

    Hello, I just thought I'd give u some insight on the two, given I don't attend either, but know of several people who do go to simmons and are in the program. The ones at simmons love it. But dont have anything to compare it too. WHat was ur undergrad degree in? In my opinion, since I am into accel. program yet havent received a acceptance letter back, I would do MGH. That program just seems more straight forward and I feel one would be more prepared for the field once finished!! But at any rate, you got into both schools and you are already off on the right foot!! What's ur GPA and gre scores?? Which ever school u enter ur going into ur going to be successful and prepared. From the research Ive done i think MGH is more than simmons but you gonna get a good education. Good luck!
  6. Beach23

    In for January 2005!

    Newnurse2005!!! Thanks so much for the reply. It sounds like you worked hard to get where you are!! I am sorry to hear that the Accel Program has taken up so much time that its affecting you and your family. But you are almost done, and it will all be worth it. For me, I am not a male, which is probably better in my acceptance if I was right now!! Kidding.. But I really think that I am too mediocre for the Curry's Program, but this is something that I want to do more than anything. I am young and have no kids and am going to give it all if I was to get it. I Bet it is even more competitive now and they are probably going to so my bland old 3.0 and toss my application in the "decline" pile. DO you know of the other student's GPA's in your 1sr cohort that got accepted (pre-reqs). Its funny I went to an info in February and they told that story of the women who had 3 kids under 3 and gave birth. Amazing lady. Well, say a prayer for me and I wish you luck in the next few monthes before you graduate. Congrats, you did it!!!
  7. Beach23

    Accel and GPA's???

    HI, Thanks for your responses!!! Kyriaka, are you going to do a Assoc Program or a regualr 4year program??? I just feel that if that a fast track is avaliable and one is willing to take the stress it then seems like a good idea. Though, I have been stressing so much just waiting on the feedback from the Accel program!!! Thanks for your responses!!
  8. Hi, I have an BA in Sociology and am waiting to hear back from Curry College Accel Nursing Program in April. I know its reallt competitive, but am wondering if there are any other candidates out there for the 2006 cohort. Or those students who are in the first cohort now, that would like to share their experiences with me. I do meet the requirements, but have a 3.03 undergraduate gpa, and am a solid B student with all pre-req's met. Just wanted to some insight on Curry's credentials and acceptance. Looking forward to hearing from you!!!
  9. Beach23

    In for January 2005!

    I am currently waiting for my acceptance letter for the 2nd cohort. Just curious as to what your GPA was in undergrad and for your science pre-req's where??? and how u handled the program.. Thanks
  10. Beach23

    Accel and GPA's???

    Hello, I was just wondering for those who got into Accel programs what your GPA was assuming the minimum for the school was a 3.0. I have sent out my application, havea 3.03 undergrad and just B's for my pre-req's, I have this feeling that i am too mediocre. What do u think!!