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  1. I would like to correct a posting that I made under this topic on Oct 20, 2000. In that comment I said that I would cross a picket line. HOWEVER--MY VIEW HAS CHANGED..... When I first found allnurses and posted the above response I did that because of what I was aware of at the time. PLEASE NOTE THAT MY VIEW HAS CHANGED.. After getting involved with the MNM I have done alot of research into what is going on and the reasons that Nurse's are striking. At first I believed it was just a money issue. After a lot of research and reading on this I discoverd that the reason Nurse's are striking is due to our working conditions and that is the main reason they are doing this. THEREFORE...NO I WOULD NOT CROSS A PICKET LINE...our profession needs lots of changes and up to this point I have discovered that this has been the only way to get the Big Shots at the hospitals to understand what is going on. That is another reason I am more involved with the MNM. So that in the future maybe we will not have to go to such extreme measures to get make others listen. TO ANYONE THAT I MAY HAVE OFFENDED BY MY FIRST POST, I APOLOGIZE...I am glad that this was brought to my attention so that I could come here and correct my view. Please understand that at the time I first posted here it was on information that I had at the time. To who brought this to my attention: THANK YOU VERY MUCH.... ------------------ CEWorden, LPN Proud to be a Nurse
  2. ceworden

    do you get paid for gaining an hour?

    Hello ktm, I was fortunate that were I worked when the time change went to "fall back" we were paid for the extra hour or had the option to use it as "comp time". When the time change was "spring forward" we did not get the extra hour. This seemed to work well for all of us. Because they are times when if you had car trouble for example you were able to use the extra hour if needed. However, with the changes in our Profession the "Big Boy's" will do anything to save a few bucks. MNM---2001 ------------------ CEWorden, LPN Proud to be a Nurse
  3. ceworden

    LPN or RN right the way

    Hello Future Fellow Nurse, I think the choice is yours to make. I am an LPN and had to go that route due to finiancial issues at the time. However I am working towards my RN by taking most of my prereqs one or two at a time. There are advantages of getting your LPN first by the fact it is a shorter program but it is a full-time program. Most facilities will help you in pursueing your goal towards an RN degree. Also if you get your LPN and work for a year some RN programs allow you to apply your work expierance towards your degree. Check out all options prior to making your choice. Either way, LPN or RN, you will be joining an excellant profession. Good Luck in your decision. MNM--A Step for Our Future ------------------ CEWorden, LPN Proud to be a Nurse
  4. ceworden

    Flu shots

    Hello Fellow Nurse, Here in the USA we have just gotten the Flu Vaccine and they are requesting that only the "high risk" individuals have theirs first due to a shortage. I am not working at the present time due to an injury I suffered while working. However, when I was working it was a requirement to have the vaccine and if you chose not to have it you had to sign a statement declaring so and it was put in your Health Folder. Last year when the flu vaccine was available early, my Mom's Doctor had her wait until November to have one. His reason for this is the Flu Vaccine is only good for apox. 3 months and if she had gotten her shot in October it would not have carried her through the actual flu season. I have a question for you. Do you provide the pnuemonia vaccine? Here is the USA it is requested that all individuals have one every 10 years and that the "high risk" individuals have a booster in 5 years. I have not gotten my flu vaccine yet due to the shortage and I am not considered "high risk", therefore I am waiting to recieve mine. Even though I am not currently working I do Volunteer Work in our local Nursing Homes and Hospitals. So I continue to get mine every year so that I do not take the chance on exposing the patients to the Flu. I think it is each individual Nurse's choice as to what they want to do. There are some individuals that are unable to take the vaccine for various reasons. Hope I helped in answering some of your questions. MNM---A Step for Our Future ------------------ CEWorden, LPN Proud to be a Nurse
  5. ceworden

    LPN or RN right the way

    Good luck with the choice you have made. If you run into any problems just post a question and as you can tell, we will respond and help in anyway possible. MNM--A Step for Our Future--5-5-2001 ------------------ CEWorden, LPN Proud to be a Nurse
  6. ceworden

    Should I shadow a Nurse? HELP!

    Hello, I agree with mcountry in the fact that patient confidentiality is an important issue. I have never heard of someone shadowing a Nurse unless they had sometype of dealing with the Profession...such as Ceritfied Nurse Aide's. Since you have expierance within the legal field you might wish to check into Legal Nurse Consultant as an option. You would still need to attend Nursing School. Maybe you can contact your local University or any other schools that have nursing programs and check with them. Sorry I was not much help. MNM---A Step for Our Future--5-5-2001 ------------------ CEWorden, LPN Proud to be a Nurse
  7. ceworden

    Anticoagulant Certification

    You might wish to check out the following websites and see what they have available. www.medscape.com www.nurse.com www.springnet.com Hope this helps you out. Good Luck!!! MNM--A Step for Our Future--5-5-2001 ------------------ CEWorden, LPN Proud to be a Nurse
  8. ceworden

    LVNs in LTC, lots of questions for you, please!

    Hello Julie, Welcome to the Nursing Profession. I worked in LTC when I first graduated 6 years ago. I was able to gain alot of knowledge and hands on expierance dealing with the same individuals on a daily basis. You are fortunate that the facility you are going to has an LVN for each unit. Where I worked I was the only LPN on the 3-11 shift and it was a 200 bed facility, with 4 wings. Luckily, I had very reliable CNA's and CMA's to handle the meds and keep me informed on the patients. Of course, I made rounds constantly and helped with the everyday tasks as much as I could while still doing my "administrative duties". I usually did my charting in the evening when most of the residents were in bed. I did work per diem at another LTC where I did pass meds due to a smaller patient ratio. Most of the Meds were on the same time schedule, which makes it easy. You have to develope your own routine to handle the meds, do feeding tubes, etc. Just be patient and it will fall into place soon. The most important part is learning the resident's names, their actions, likes/dislikes, etc. Good luck and it may be frustrating at first and if you have any problems make sure you talk with the DON or leave a note and follow up. MNM----A Step for Our Future--5-5-2001 ------------------ CEWorden, LPN Proud to be a Nurse
  9. ceworden

    what is expected from the "millenium nurse"?

    1.Continue to give all of yourself to your Profession. 2.Stay aware of all the changes within your Profession. 3.Respect your fellow Nurse's beliefs. 4.Get involved in helping to change the crisis that is facing our Profession. 5.Do your best to greet each day with a sense of pleasure at what you do. 6.Continue to treat each patient as an individual, not a number. 7.Everytime you feel as if nobody cares, just remember, if it was not for you who would take care of those in need. 8.At the end of each long day give yourself a pat on the back. 9.Help your fellow Nurse's with their needs and be there to lend a helping hand. 10.Spread a positive attitude to all around you. MNM--A Step for Our Future ------------------ CEWorden, LPN Proud to be a Nurse
  10. ceworden

    Systolic Blood Pressure

    Another tip for finding the Systolic BP.... Feel the bracial pulse in the wrist as you inflate the cuff. When you no longer can feel the bracial pulse, the go up apox 20, then begin to listen. I was taught this when I went through EMT training especially when we all we could get was a Systolic Pressure. I am surprised the EMT students have not been taught this. It was the first thing we had to learn to do because in the back of an Ambulance you can not depend on the "bounce of the needle". MNM--A Step for Our Future,2001 ------------------ CEWorden, LPN Proud to be a Nurse
  11. ceworden

    Bit of humor

    LOVE IT!!!!!!! Thought of a couple of other things that I have personally expieranced---- When the EMT's call in a say they have a "DRT"--Dead Right There. Before washing your hands you make sure you have copied off all the notes you wrote. Same applies to changing an exam table. You discover that the corner of a sheet and silk tape tends to quite the aggrogant drunk...just do not impede the airway!!! Chocolate is your main food group. Your uniform pants become an instant note pad. Maybe some others can come up with some more. We all need to laugh now and then!!! MNM---A Step for Our Future, 2001 ------------------ CEWorden, LPN Proud to be a Nurse
  12. ceworden

    Ethical dilemma: Go agency for the money?

    I have never worked as an agency nurse, however it is good pay. The only fault I had with doing this type of Nursing is that you are put into several differant settings than what you are use to. That is why alot of agency nurses seem "out of place" when they come onto a unit they have never been before. Nursing in itself requires all your skills, however, differant places have differant ways of doing things. Most things are the same but I am sure you are aware that on your unit some things may be done differantly...including charting. There seems to also be a bigger problem where you work. I am very concerned re: your unit manager. If she is giving substandard care I would mention it to someone. She is putting the patients lives in danger and since she seems to be in a "administrative position" she could very easily lay blame elsewhere. Nursing is not about the amount of money you make, however, if you are unhappy in your surroundings and you feel that agency nursing will give you greater insight by all means go for it. I am the one that states that do not go into Nursing for the money. However, it seems as if there is more at issue here with your situation than money. Should you decide to change to agency nursing ask lots of questions before hand. As with any position there are pluses and mineses....Plus----better pay, opportunity to expand your knowledge. Minus---unfamilar territory, differant policies. Good Luck in your decision and if you do leave your facility make sure that others are aware of your unit manager's attitude. MNM---A Step for Our Future, 2001 ------------------ CEWorden, LPN Proud to be a Nurse
  13. ceworden

    Nurse - Patient Communication

    Forgot to mention something.... If a family member is present make sure you address them also. This will aide in helping to ease the patient and with most patients it is usually the family member that is more involved then the patient. ------------------ CEWorden, LPN Proud to be a Nurse
  14. ceworden

    Nurse - Patient Communication

    Let me see what I can remember from school... 1. Verbal & Non Verbal Skills--- Make eye contact with your patient and maintain that all times possible. Introduce yourself and what you will be doing with the patient. EX:Vital Signs If you have a patient that is hard of hearing, touch them gently if they do not answer you when you come in the room. Keep eye contact with these patients and speak in a normal tone of voice and speak clearly. If they have hearing aids assist them to put them in to help with the communication. Use open-ended questions instead of the closed-ended questions(ones with just a yes or no response). There are some questions that you must use that are considered closed-ended, but the best approach is those that will allow the patient to let you know what is going on with them. When you ask a question, if the patient appears not to understand, ask them if they have a question regarding what you just said. One very important point is before you leave a patients room, make sure they are able to reach the call light, if side rails need up make sure they are, offer them a drink of water(if they are allowed), ask if they need to use the bathroom, etc. If you tell them you will be back within a certain time frame, make sure you are, even if it is only for a minute. Patients are very responsive to a Nurse that gives a caring attitude. 2. Rationale for using different approaches to communication with patients---- Each patient is an individual and needs to be treated as an individual. You will in time learn the patients that are responsive to one technique of questioning may not apply to another patient. Another thing to do is research the differant ethnic backgrounds of patients. I worked in a hospital where most of the patients were of American Indian Heritage. These patients, especially the elderly, will tend not to speak with you because of their upbringing. They are also some who will have certain personal articles that they do not want you to touch due to their beliefs. Also check their religious preferance. This also is a factor in dealing with a patient for certain religions forbid cetain types of Medical Care. By being able to know some background on the patient besides the medical part of their problem will aide in effective communication with your patient. 3. Philosophy of Care---- Every individual has the right to understand what is being done to them. By being informed and able to answer any questions they may have will help with your communication. Remember, patients are usually scared because they are uncertain of what is goin on around them, this includes all age groups. If you are unable to address any of their questions, make sure that you seek out another colleque to help with the answer. I hope this helps some. I know there is more and if you have any more direct questions please feel free to e-mail me at: cherrie_pie0@yahoo.com The most important thing to remember is to treat the "Whole Patient--Holilistic Care" not just the problem. You also might wish to go to www.nurse.com and click on links and see if there is any info there to give you some answers. Good Luck and welcome to the Wonderful World of Nursing!!! MNM--A Step for Our Future, 2001 ------------------ CEWorden, LPN Proud to be a Nurse
  15. ceworden

    Maternity Nurse

    Hello, Try this website and see if you can get some more info you may need. www.nurse.com click on links, you will go to another page,click on specilities, then when that page comes up click on OB-GYN. Hope this helps you out. MNM---A step for our future ------------------ CEWorden, LPN Proud to be a Nurse
  16. ceworden

    Gas pain mngmnt

    You might wish to also check with the dietary department of your hospital and see if they can create a diet that will help elimanate some of the problems. Alot of foods are prone to cause excessive gas in patients. Hopefully they will be able to provide a menu that will not contain these food items. Hope this helps... ------------------ CEWorden, LPN Proud to be a Nurse