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  1. livingthedream77

    What would you do in this situation? (If you know it all ;) )

    Why does the question start out with "if you are a know it all?" None of us are. Diuresis is priority, obviously. You don't want someone drowning in their own fluids. Drug screen is only necessary if meds to be given could interact. In this situation, it's not necessary at all. The choices for this "question" are a bit ridiculous.
  2. livingthedream77

    Why I cannot hate the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

    In 2007, I had insurance covering myself, husband, and stepchild with a $250 deductible, $5/15/30 rx plan, and 90%/10% coverage after deductible for $50 a week. Now, my husband pays $900+ a month for a $4000 deductible, $15/$30/$50 rx plan, 80%/20%. I recently paid $1600 for X-rays of my back. I can't afford what the MRIs I need would be. It is hard not to be bitter seeing the constant influx of pts to the ER bringing their kids in for a "fever" of 98.9'F..."you're gonna give me a work note for 3 days, right?" or check themselves in for a hangover...."you can get the doc to give me Percoset right? I have a headache." These folks pay nothing for the ER and abuse it to the point I need Zofran for myself. Some benefit from ACA, others do not. But aren't we forgetting that the government is not allowed to tax you for NOT buying a product? That's like the cable company charging you $10 month extra because you don't want HBO. Change the laws and prevent the ridiculous malpractice suits. Then doctors and hospitals wouldn't have to charge so much.
  3. livingthedream77

    Possibly Odd Question

    If you are not fully dedicated to nursing, it will be a very difficult and unrewarding profession for you. Scenario: someone is bleeding. There will probably not be a physician there immediately to tell you to apply pressure. You as a nurse are expected, and within your scope, to see bleeding, and apply the pressure. You should not have to ask where.
  4. livingthedream77

    First semester nursing student. Does it get better?

    The first semester often serves as a period of time to "weed out" those that may not be good nurses. About 10 out of 60 failed in the first 8 weeks in my program. The amount of work was incredible, and those not willing/able to perform under that pressure left. I found that the amount of busy work decreased, and the amount of nuts and bolts info increased. It is cruel in some ways, but serves a purpose. If you need help, ask for it! Most teachers are willing to give you extra time if they see you are sincere. Good luck!
  5. livingthedream77

    Wearing a mask

    No, the attacks are silly. Very junior high. That's what the ignore user function is for I suppose.
  6. livingthedream77

    Wearing a mask

    More insults. More assumptions. The hostility is palpable. Not professional, it's embarrassing. Now stop. Just stop. Thank you.
  7. livingthedream77

    Wearing a mask

    "Well we can tell where your bias lies from the questions/statements that you posted. I would say you are ill informed on the subject just from your posting, and there are numerous posting on this subject already." Stopped reading after this sentence. Didn't ask for assumptions of bias or insults. Thanks anyway.
  8. livingthedream77

    Going "Above and Beyond" UGH

    Recently, I got my 90 day review. I've been there 2 years. The reason was "I'm finally getting caught up." WTH. Then I was asked, "how was it being a new grad in the ER?" Now I'm P'd. So, I told the truth. I didn't sugar coat it. I told her, "I was thrown to the wolves. I had no guidance from management. I was not assigned a preceptor. The disdain from the other nurses was palpable. I was left to figure it out on my own. It sucked. But I'm still here." Her response...."oh. You should have told me." *blink* "You should have given me my 90 days review a year and 9 months ago." Does that qualify for Above and Beyond? Do I get a trophy for "1st Place in not being eaten alive"? LOL
  9. livingthedream77

    Wearing a mask

    All of the hospitals in my area make you wear a mask if you don't get the shot, when the CDC says the number of cases in the area is at whatever arbitrary number is considered 'high'. At the local college, nursing students are forced to get the shot or are thrown out of the program. I would like to hear some other nurses opinions about these statements, if you agree/disagree hopefully without causing mayhem and tornadoes and the poles switching. Want to hear other professionals' ideas. Do you Agree/disagree with these statements: --the shot does not guarantee that you will not get the flu --even if you do get the shot, and do not become sick yourself, you are capable of passing the infection through dirty hands, scrubs, etc. --due to the above, the statement that if you don't get the shot you are putting your pts at a higher risk is fallacious --even if you get the shot, you are told to wear a mask around someone who is ill --everyone should really wear a mask, vaccinated or not, if you are in a setting such as LTC, hospital, as there is a higher % of people who are infected --hand washing and masks are the best preventatives --companies manufacture vaccines based on their best guess months ahead of time which strains will be prevalent; they may or may not guess correctly --some hospitals are mandating employees to get the shot, and not giving the option of masks instead; requiring this as a condition of ongoing employment is not ethical, as everyone should have a say in their own healthcare without threat of dismissal --why not mandate MMR, tDAP, varicella, HPV, TB, anthrax, and every other available vaccine if flu is mandated --if we are to follow 'droplet' precautions around flu, why are gowns not required as well as masks for those that are unvaccinated --what reason could there be for not holding physicians to the same standard Thanks!
  10. livingthedream77

    Tips 'n Tricks: Pearls the Newbies Need to Know

    *unless they've had a hyster, get the pregnancy test *don't let them scare you with "oh, they can never get an IV/my veins roll/you have to use a butterfly/you only get one stick". Sometimes, it takes more than one stick, especially if they are oh, I don't know, SICK. Make it clear when you start. *memorize this phrase: "patients are seen in order of severity of symptoms, not arrival time" *if a person is ma'am/sir -ing you to death, being hyper-respectful: ask if they are ex-military, or from the South. If no to both, this MAY be a sign they are drug seeking. Has turned out that way too many times to ignore the trend *who gets an EKG? Anyone with CP, SOB, pain in jaw/neck/arm/back, dizzy. lighthead, unexplained weakness, diaphoretic. In short, if they have even one symptom, get it the EKG, rule it out. Had 30yo F and 27yo M no hx, no drugs, nothing....chief c/o "my chest is a little tight feeling" .....STEMIs.
  11. livingthedream77

    This Blows Every Other ED Visit Out of the Water

    No, no, no. I simply refuse to believe that this actually happened!! If I did, my mind would explode. The only way this is acceptable is if the guys were, oh, 5 years old, both intellectually delayed, or suffering from shared delusion. I've heard all kinds of things, like you can't get pregnant on your period, or if he pulls out, or if you douche right away, or is he pees before sex, or if he masterbates earlier in the day.......but dang. I don't know how anyone could think this would make a MALE pregnant.
  12. livingthedream77

    "Your ER sucks!" and other pleasantries...how you handle them?

    Kalipso, I think the worst part of it is as you say, these people want you to help, and you're trying, but you're getting 'verbally abused' for it. No where else would this happen. If you bad mouth a teenager at the McDonald's, the manager will step in and tell you to leave. Where is our support? Even a simple "I would appreciate it if you did not talk to me that way, it interferes with my duties" will be frowned upon by management. Patients are patients, big difference between that and a 'customer'. The patients are NOT always right.
  13. livingthedream77

    What Docs Don't Understand About Nurses

    At the school I went to, nursing program entry was based on points. So, if you got As in the required prereqs (A&P I and II, Micro) your points were as high as someone who spent 2 more years and lots of $$$ getting Cs in zoology, chemistry, biology, astronomy (any science with a lab). NO, getting straight As or straight Cs doesn't make you a good or bad nurse. There were many I knew that failed out one time and had to come back, and are now fine nurses. Where I work, in the ER, I have found that the ER-only docs are much better at understanding the plight of the nurse, whereas the office and ER docs do not. Office docs are used to nurses having everything ready for them before they get there, all nice and neat. ER docs understand you have more than one pt at a time and may get hung up, and will actually do something themselves (strep swabs, get their own suture kits). ALL of them, though, generally expect you to have the "obvious orders" put in for them before they even see the pt, i.e., abd pain, you get CBC, CMP, amylase, lipase, maybe KUB, UA/hcG, etc. Injuries, put in the XR. Heck, they expect CTs in for stroke sx, falls w/head impacts. Yes, it makes sense, but it is also illegal. So, I don't think when you are caring for multiple pts and didn't get every single thing in, you should be yelled at, as it is THEIR responsibility and out of our scope. I wish our hosp would have our docs follow us.
  14. livingthedream77

    "Your ER sucks!" and other pleasantries...how you handle them?

    LOL, well you see, he hadn't eaten since yesterday because he had ABDO PAIN! You know, the abdo pain that he came into ER for!! The abdo pain that was SO severe, yet didn't stop him from smoking.
  15. livingthedream77


    Kalipso, truer words were never spoken!
  16. livingthedream77

    "Your ER sucks!" and other pleasantries...how you handle them?

    MrChicagoRN and happyinillinois, thanks for your thoughts. What ticked me off is the complete lack of even minimal social skills. I would have loved to remind her that if she preferred another hospital, it was her right to go there, but as I said, I smelled a complaint coming no matter what. Unfortunately my boss is a coward and would not have backed me up, so I did not. Maybe it was the blue-balled feeling that gave me that made me angry. Best of luck to both of you, and thanks again.