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  1. Breast Cancer

    [ A type of adenocarcinoma of the breast in which the ducts are filled with cells,which when expressed from the surface, resemble comedos. comedos are a collection of of sebatous material & keratin retained in a hair follicle. This says little o...
  2. nursing shortage???????

    Dear redd0711 I am glad to hear your compliments on your ceo's. It is encouraging. I also have a boss who is willing to be flexible w/ my work hrs I am at present able to have 5d off in a row almost every wk. & still maintain on prt time status. ...
  3. nursing shortage???????

    Dear Clarice, I wonder if mijourney is the one who has just hit the target right on the mark. That this is really a balancing act to keep the vendors & the stockholders happy. I believe you that you are budgeted for great nurse to patient rati...
  4. nursing shortage???????

    Dear jt, I hope that administrators across the country are made aware of the econimic nuances at your hospital. I am guessing they were trying to save money by not having to dole out the expense for orientation training & the benifits packages ...
  5. nursing shortage???????

    Dear mustangsheba, I believe every word of your reply & I find it very discouraging. It is however most likely going to be the scenario that is more the norm than not. I'm not sure I see a positive upside to this unfolding dilema either. Thank-...
  6. nursing shortage???????

    PPL Thank you for your response. I'm located in the mid SouthEast. The site has been updated. There are no openings at present. It is likely the shortage has not impacted this region as yet.
  7. nursing shortage???????

    The frustration in your reply is evident & very understandable. I was curious because I had gone onto our online jobs listings site & there were no openings for any RN's anywhere in our system. This includes 2 large hospitals a 350 bed & ...
  8. nursing shortage???????

    Actually I saw the story on CBS after I posted this question. However,I unfortunately do not believe it is going to have much of an impact on the way things are going to transpire. I hope & pray w/ all my heart that you find some way to stay in n...
  9. nursing shortage???????

    . [This message has been edited by msdttob (edited December 29, 2000).]
  10. nursing shortage???????

    I was recently online to our job postings & there were no job openings for RN's. I found that rather odd in light of what is going on around the country.I was looking to possibly transfere within my present work setting. I work part time as an RN...
  11. nursing shortage???????

    Is there still a nursing shortage? If so where & how has it affected staffing & hours?
  12. looking for reliable resources

    Thank you for your feedback. It is definitely food for thought. I actually in the past had dismissed wound care but @ the present it does not seem like an unworkable option. I am positive that because of the local thatI live in & from the war st...
  13. I have been trying to find ways to finish out the later yrs of my nursing career(50's-60's) I'm 49. I have looked @ everything from HH to office nursing to triage nursing to hospice to starting your own business to teaching. The goal was to decrease ...
  14. Babyboomer RN

    Dear babs, Thank-you for your support & encouragement. It meant a lot. I entered nursing when I was just a little older than you. It has been quite a ride, as well as an education,in more ways than one. I have a BS in Ed. It is very old. And dur...
  15. UR

    Are there courses that are available to prep for utilization review? Is there a certification exam for utilization review? Where would the site or email address to find out further information about these be? No luck at in finding out this ...