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  1. Nursing for Intimate care for men

    I haven't read the entire thread but I do see a double standard for male and female care providers as a guy who worked in special education then switched to nursing. When I was working in childcare for children with special needs, only the male care ...
  2. I would need to ask the manager but the rural hospital ER would have two nurses, with the med unit having 20 beds and 4 nurses.
  3. Hello I am currently graduating from a Vancouver,BC nursing school in a couple months, and looking for some opinions from experienced nurses here regarding where would be a good place for me to start. The interest I have in nursing is for critical c...
  4. Immigrating to the USA from Canada as an RN

    Could you clarify what TN means? Thank you for the reply! And are all Canadians RNs considered IENs? Thanks!
  5. Trigger Warning!

    I think that is the way it should work in ideal situations. But a lot of times people that do not agree with you can use that as an excuse to shut down your speech, as in the line of who decides what is discrimination and disempowering speech is very...
  6. Trigger Warning!

    I have to agree with you OP. People need to understand that it is okay to disagree. It is unfortunate that the current media, corporations, and university education further contribute in creating a division among both genders, politics, and races, o...
  7. UBC BSN September 2019 Applicants

    Hey everyone! As a current ubc nursing student, I would not worry about CASPER too too much. Many of us got in including myself even when we left a couple CASPER questions empty due to lack of time. I did not do well on mine at all! I think CASPER is...
  8. Hello everyone! I am currently a nursing student at UBC. I should be graduating in a year with a bachelors of applied sciences in nursing and be an RN. I am considering moving to the USA permanently from Canada and work as a nurse there. But I just...
  9. What do I need for nursing school?

    Yup I can confirm that you want to leave buying textbooks to the last minute. You will need a stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, and a cheap watch for the clinicals. Not sure how early your school would start that. I would say that you can search up...
  10. UBC BSN September 2018 Applicants

    It seems that it is around 20 to 25 percent chance of us getting in, which is really not too bad! At least we have it a lot better than pre med guys. Hahaha I would be interested to know whether the 600 applicants include the ones that simply registe...
  11. UBC BSN September 2018 Applicants

    Historically, last week of April. If youare put on the waitlist, you can get accepted up to one week before the program starts.
  12. UBC BSN September 2018 Applicants

    Hello EtherealRailgun! I hope you could answer my question. As I am not currently a university student, I need to fill out the Education has not been continuous section. Since Education has not been continuous section is technically separate from t...
  13. Hello all! A prospective male nurse here. I am currently working in the early childhood education field, which is another field that is dominated by women in the work force. Being a man in a childhood education field, there were certain things that ...
  14. UBC BSN September 2018 Applicants

    Hi Maadddyy, I believe it is 60% gpa and 40% supplemental from their 2015 admission pdf presentation. They did not mention how they are weighed in the for the latest pdf presentations. I am also an applicant for the nursing program for this Septembe...