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lasair has 4 years experience and specializes in Mental Health.

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  1. lasair

    Doctors Say the Darnedest Things

    Was on night duty, did evening vital check on elderly patient - spo2 was low, dropping on O2 and needed transfer. Next morning her consultant asked "why were you checking her vitals anyway, why is she on QDS vitals" turned out she had a growth pressing on her lung
  2. lasair

    Just wanted to say I hate nursing soooo much

    I do feel the same in some way - I am working on my way out of this job. In saying that I would never say it ruined my life, I have been thought some much from this work. Try focus on what good nursing has brought you, focusing on all the negative will not do good for your mental health. You have a plan and stick to it but what form the nursing world will help you with that.
  3. lasair

    Why did you decide to become a nurse?

    I thought I was going to save the world
  4. lasair

    Do you still have energy to cook after a 12 hour shift?

    I try to have a lot of food at work, I eat two breakfasts, big lunch and afternoon tea. last meal is usually between 5 and 6pm, usually get home at 2130hrs - I may have a cup of tea but I usually don't eat when I get home - if I am really hungry I can make an omelette or grab a protein bar
  5. lasair

    Leaving Nursing for Another Career

    After only two full years of nursing I know I cannot do this for the rest of my life - I want to become a complementary therapist, I studied holistic massage and will do my aromatherapy this year. Maybe in a few years I can combine the two or something....
  6. lasair

    Patient Population?

    I mostly work with adult individuals who have Huntington's Disease. The disease can cause behavioural, emotional and mental health symptoms due to brain changes.
  7. lasair

    Patient Population?

    Do tell!!
  8. lasair

    Eliminating Seclusion/Restraint? Um, NO.

    We don't use seclusion on the unit I work in - restraint is used as needed, it is not needed all that much but can be up to 3 times on a single person per day. I can understand the need for both but I have also seen the use of both when really unwarranted
  9. lasair

    Why can't CPI be 2 years like everything else?

    CPI was two years in my last place - but we use TMVI in my new place and we have in house trainers that do regular refreshers
  10. lasair

    this is getting old

    Is psych nursing easier than general nursing???? A lot of general nurses would not be able to handle the stuff we do and some are even to caught up to take advise from us when they have a difficult patient. I just get on with it, really, whatever to them. Haters gonna hate, just don't return the hate. Have appreciation for each others jobs, they are different jobs. You are a nurse that works in psychiatry - you are no greater or less than any other nurse.
  11. While I was an intern we had a guy inpatient, personality disorder....can't remember his psych diagnoses but he was not psychotic (I was never his nurse) something blow off there he threatened to stab two nurses with a pen if they went anywhere near him (he had a pen) he had also done some damage to a chair and vending machine. The Guards were called and they had to pepper spray him.
  12. lasair

    Psych Nursing

    It is totally worth it, those who say it is not should not be in it. when I trained all I heard was complaining but psychiatric nursing is what you make it yourself. I love it :)
  13. lasair

    Is 18 patients "the new normal"?

    Wow - 1-18 in acute....that is mad. How many are on the unit in total? Do you have a union, nursing law, nursing bord, mental health authority, department of health, department of safety, government, guidelines, who carries out inspections??? - Who protects your rights and patient rights?? This sounds really stressful!!My ward has 3 nurses to 25 patients, with 3 on floor HCA's and extra to cover specials
  14. lasair

    To lock or not to lock the rooms

    I think it should be assessed on an individual bases and be in the best interest of the patient. Maybe have it as part of their care plan, like if x doesn't participate in their care plan then their mental health will degenerate. The individual would need to be held under the mental health act/ involuntary for this to be considered....unless the individual agrees to it or requests for their room to be locked for a set period of time.
  15. lasair

    Evening shift - yea or nay?

    How is this the best? personally I love interacting with individuals and would choose morning. When you are busy time goes a lot faster and if you start the day early and finish at 3 you then have the evening to yourself. I would be inclined to stay in bed later meaning getting less done. Social life is still down the drain if you are anything like me and require your sleep :)
  16. lasair

    Your Family?

    As psychiatric nurses we are trained to deal with violent, disruptive etc. behaviours and we can have an understanding and empathy as to why a person may show such behaviours. Sometimes with the job we can be in the aim of fire and become injured etc. I am due to start on a new very challenging behavioural ward, dementia, huntington's, korsakoff's, suicidal and homicidal. I will be working with people who have failed and been turned away from other placements due to their behaviours. Personally I am looking forward to the challenge and have just completed an induction week which included TMV. I personally feel I cannot tell my family about the ward I am working on. As none of them are nurses or work in health care they don't have the same perception as I do. I don't want them to worry or feel I shouldn't be working there. I have told my boyfriend about a few things that have happened in the past one where I had to go to A&E and he doesn't take it well, I don't tell my mother at all. Nothing serious has ever happened to me. What do you guys think? Do you share stories? How do others react?