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  1. Why is finding preceptors so hard?

    Needing some advice. I just started my psych NP Program in March. I work fulltime night shift, so I try to use my time wisely and do my assignments a week ahead. So with this being said, I called my advisor and asked about the preceptor process and h...
  2. What to expect from Walden's PMHNP program?

    The company I work contracts with many colleges and some colleges not just Walden will give future students a discount to go there due to the company is in contract with them. Sorry I did not clarify that. I do want to go to a good school like Vander...
  3. What to expect from Walden's PMHNP program?

    Thank everyone for your input. What do y'all think about MTSU?
  4. Just got accepted into Walden. I kept looking and comparing Walden and University of South Alabama since I have co workers in both programs on which one is better in terms of support and cheaper to go to. I have read good and bad news about both but ...
  5. NCLEX Retakers Study Group

    Hey Jean12 saw that this was posted 2 years ago. have you passed if so got any tips.
  6. NCLEX October 2017

    Any tips in the best way to study if you work a full time job that is not set shifts its kind of everywhere and study nclex? I need help in strategy in sata questions?
  7. Failed nclex 11 times.

    Donisbac1 What did u do different my problem is i think im studying the wrong way. I need to find a way to retain the concepts. I feel like I'm just memorizing rationales on uworld. How can i get the concepts to stick? I have to work full-time 4 10 ...
  8. Failed nclex 11 times.

    Hey siane. Are you still trying to pass the nclex in in the same boat if u passed can u give me some tips?
  9. Well just found I failed again on my 3rd try. I have used everything from saunders, uworld, kaplan, Lacharity, etc you name it. I feel like maybe it's my job that has gotten in the way. Right now I work as a pharmacy technician at least 32 to up 39 h...