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  1. Kalibear17

    What to expect from Walden's PMHNP program?

    The company I work contracts with many colleges and some colleges not just Walden will give future students a discount to go there due to the company is in contract with them. Sorry I did not clarify that. I do want to go to a good school like Vanderbilt but I cannot afford to pay a lot in loans later in life.
  2. Kalibear17

    What to expect from Walden's PMHNP program?

    Thank everyone for your input. What do y'all think about MTSU?
  3. Just got accepted into Walden. I kept looking and comparing Walden and University of South Alabama since I have co workers in both programs on which one is better in terms of support and cheaper to go to. I have read good and bad news about both but they both did not seem that much different. The company is in contract with Walden so employees receive 30% off of tuition to go there and the company offers tuition reimbursement as well. Question that I have is is anyone who is currently going to Walden can tell me what to expect? How are the courses and teachers? Are the teacher's helpful and give out syllabus for their classes?
  4. Kalibear17

    NCLEX Retakers Study Group

    Hey Jean12 saw that this was posted 2 years ago. have you passed if so got any tips.
  5. Kalibear17

    NCLEX October 2017

    Any tips in the best way to study if you work a full time job that is not set shifts its kind of everywhere and study nclex? I need help in strategy in sata questions?
  6. Kalibear17

    Failed nclex 11 times.

    Donisbac1 What did u do different my problem is i think im studying the wrong way. I need to find a way to retain the concepts. I feel like I'm just memorizing rationales on uworld. How can i get the concepts to stick? I have to work full-time 4 10 hr shifts 3 days off and really low on money I can only afford uworld right now.
  7. Kalibear17

    Failed nclex 11 times.

    Hey siane. Are you still trying to pass the nclex in in the same boat if u passed can u give me some tips?