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  1. Thank you for trying to get the P TSD at there.  I sent everyone I know met a message to pass this along to every  Nurse or clinician they know, Especially those in the 4 areas I'see have the highest rate. 

    It is  too late for me.  I had never heard of it and I am guessing most my psychiatrist's never heard of it and I know management I never heard of it.   I sucked it up for 6 years until I had a mental breakdown. It is no longer about saving my job, was about my life.  While it's true I was rail roaded  out or than the United States I have ever seen.  I can't believe 18 years as a Hospice RN or perfect record at this company had no bearing on their decision.  Over the years I have been selected to  Personally care for it the CEOSs parents. They were neither lived  near the  area I was and I was not a case manager.  They wanted  me then. Because I had such a good record and for the most part, I could put on a mask and play my old self. I had one complaint, I did not admit a family because  our me. Director agreed they did not meet criteria. But he was violent and the family needed help

     It was no big deal. However, hen the people I'n management who knew me rapidly retired . Soon we had a new unit director and supervisor , very quickly I over heard  Them talking one night. Basically  We're going to use any use they could find to get me out of the department.

     I was getting a little help from a shrink. He had recently added Traumatic to my diagnosis. I was Already waking each night around 2 or 3 o'clock in a panic. When I found out they were after me and I already doubted I had the ability to go to any department besides home health, And they were over that to . I knew my days are numbered. I didn't know what was wrong with me I couldn't watch TV anymore because there is always something that remind me of things are movies. I Started keeping a bottle schnapps beside the bed. I had not drank and over 20 something years since college. Interestingly, I didn't have any of after I got fired or lost my licence. I had used the wrong calculator online to be safe by my shift. It was to avoid a DUI. Or Below .0.8. I asked for a union rep. I was given 30 min and zero help nor allowed to leave and get help. I had never been in trouble, I did not know how. I had one nu.ber and no one answered. Saying I would be terminated if I did not. I did blew 0.03. The woman had a chart it said unencumbered.  I was put on adm leave. I had already been barely holding on. I became lethargic . The new shrink.put me on disability for 6 weeks and finally told me what it was. He sent another letter to extend it 6 months if they were unable to accommodate my disability In a department away from cancer and death. 8 weeks into it i was told to come in to talk about the accomidation,  .they knew the union rep was unavailable. We all had memos for that week. I was told no rep was needed. I protested, but they were holding my check. It was an ambush. I had to leave by resigning or being fired. It was insinuated the board would not be notified if I resigned so I could get another job. I found out it had been done long before. I resigned the union said that was it. As soon as I say alcohol lawyer say bye. I never drank. I would not have, bit I was a shadow of myself. TE


    TELL OTHERSI will do everything I can