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  1. Hi all, I graduated 12/12 and am still unemployed I have changed my resume, CV several times and after reading suggestions. The problem is, not only am I a new grad RN with no prior CNA or LPN experiencee, I have been a stay-home-mom for 15 years prior to returning to school to get my ADN. I have a huge employment gap in my resume'! I don't know whether to explain somewhere in the cover letter, or put that in my resume? And where would it go, under employment history? In the last 10 months I did take an ACLS class, and have volunteered as a parent at school clinic, but there is little else to go on my resume during this time. Every Single Job advertised says at least 1year of nursing experience REQUIRED. I have searched day and night, looked at jobs in nearly every specialty, and found only one that said, would consider new graduate. That was for weekend night shift in LTC. I've been applying to all these jobs anyway. But I wonder? Do these go into the circular file while they scratch their head and ask "Can she not Read?" I don't understand how other new grads are getting jobs, and in ED and ICU, and I'm not. Is it because I have an ADN with no nursing experience? I have no outstanding GPA, no intern,externship, no awards. I am academically average. What I do have is a need to help others. It makes me feel alive. I also have a great work ethic and a motivation to progress professionally. Before kids, I was an EMT and Firefighter. So I have some experience with providing care, and working in fast paced environments, ect. I would love a job in ED. I assumed I would start at LTC, LTAC and slowly work my way up to it. How does a new grad get hired into the ED? I'm thinking now about volunteering somewhere, other than the school clinic. I just want the opportunity to learn and to work. I would even train for free if someone would take me in. Please, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm still hopeful :-).
  2. Wokini1

    IV Therapy Certification??

    Thank you. I was taught how to start IVs, but didn't know if this was some sort of extended education in that area. Perhaps the IV Therapy certification was in reference to an LPN applicant.
  3. Wokini1

    IV Therapy Certification??

    Hi. I'm a new RN and found a job posting for LTC. The listing is for LPN or RN and the job qualifications list BLS and IV Therapy certification. Do you know how I can find out where I can get IV Therapy certified? Thank you :-)
  4. Thank you, BrandonLPN, I will do that. Wish me luck!
  5. Dreaming4acute87, thank you for you advice. I'll do that. I did call one facility to ask and the person said "just submit it online, it will get to me". :-/
  6. Wokini1

    My new grad experience at an SNF

    alltheway2013, thank you for your post. I am a brand new nurse looking forward to LTC/SNF nursing and appreciate hearing your positive experience. Thank you for sharing.
  7. RN/DON, thank you for your response. I think geriatrics is going to be my niche! I can hardly wait to get hired :-)
  8. Thank you Fedide, I am looking forward to long term relationships with my patients as well. How rewarding. I hope I am lucky enough to be empmloyed in a facility like yours. :-)
  9. bluegeegoo2, than you for your response. I hadn't even thought about the fact that some residents have no family or visitors. You are their family and caregiver. What a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in someone's life. I loved your your reply. :-)
  10. Thank you for sharing MarggoRita. I look forward to being able to do the same :-)
  11. Hi. I'm getting my resume and coverletter ready to apply for a job in LTC and want to be professional. I am a new (and older) grad who has been out of the job market for quite a number of years. My question is about addressing the cover letter. Sources I've seen and heard have conflicting information. Some say call the facility for the name and title of the person who hires nurses, some say no one does that anymore address your coverletter to "whom it may concern" and still others are saying you don't need a cover letter at all. I really want to do this right. And would appreaciate your point of view. Also, do job seekers walk into facilities and fill out applications anymore, or is everthing done electronically now? I am so thankful for this community of nurses. Thank you in advance for your thoughts.
  12. Hi. I am a new graduate RN, second career nurse, after being a stay home mom. I am interested in working in long term care. I have heard only negative stories from disgruntled nurses I met in school who worked in LTC. Please tell me they are the minority. They paint a picture that is not at all what I was expecting. Complaining about the physicians not caring about patients, the CNAs not doing their jobs and being rude about it, and heartless nurse supervisors. This is not at all what I envisioned. I realize that they aren't me, and their preception creates their reality, but these are the only LTC nurses I have ever met and the four of them were on the same page :-( If you work in LTC and find it rewarding, please, tell me about it. I would like to start out in LTC of LTAC. I am new to nursing, but have EMS background and ACLS certification. It would be refreshing to actually have time to get to know my patients :) Thank you for any advice you have to offer.