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NerdDoc has 5 years experience and specializes in CICU, Moderate Sedation, Cath Lab.

I've got 5 years of critical care experience and have been pursuing my BSN-to-DNP (FNP) degree since fall of 2012 and will graduate in Spring 2015. In addition to that, I also teach undergraduate nursing including med/surg, dosage calculation, and community health.

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  1. NerdDoc

    What to eat for 12hr clinical shifts?

    akulahawkRN and ThatBigGuy are on the right track. Avoid a high-carb breakfast that's going to spike your glucose and then drop. Also avoid eating a big meal. Eggs are great for breakfast. If you like eggs but don't have time, hard-boil a dozen and k...
  2. I'm trying to put together the most up-to-date rounding guideline I can to present to a university I'm working with and I'm trying to collect as many dosage calculation rounding guidelines as I can find. My plan is to use them to build a "most common...
  3. NerdDoc


    deleted - moving to nursing student general
  4. NerdDoc

    University of Washington DNP Fall 2014

    Hi there and congrats! I'm headed into my last year of my BSN-to-DNP and some of us have been able to work, but those that are have been going pretty crazy. I was working part-time day shift about 2 days/week for the first semester, then cut back whe...
  5. NerdDoc

    Should I get my DNP or go PhD in Nursing

    If you don't want to do research, you really need to take a serious look at a PhD. In my DNP program I've had the opportunity to work with a lot of PhD's and that's what they're all about. The students working toward their PhD are living and breathin...
  6. NerdDoc

    I'm managing my project in Trello

    So my summer semester is about to wrap up and I'm headed into my last didactic semester of my BSN-to-DNP program. I've got to have my practice transformation project done by December and I think I'm on track. We've been asked to share our projects wi...
  7. NerdDoc

    FNP to DNP, really?

    I'm about to head into my last didactic semester of my BSN-to-DNP program and I have to agree with a lot of the comments here. I've found that my program is trying to create a really well-rounded FNP AND an expert in dissemination of evidence all in ...
  8. NerdDoc

    How to tame a provider!

    Seems a bit sexist. I'm just sayin...
  9. Hi all, So I just signed up for Trello because it looks awesome for being able to track my assignments, but I'm wondering if there's a way I can log hours in it as well? I've seen a few paid-apps that will let people track their time for billing, but...
  10. Hi all, So I'm recording some med calc videos and I've got all of the basics covered that I've gleaned from 2 books and now I'm looking for a few examples of questions that people thought they had the hardest time with. Thanks for any help!
  11. I agree that I shouldn't be surprised that things have gotten harder, but I find it odd to require that each assignment score at least an 80% or better - that's what the cumulative grade is for. I've had classes where certain evaluations, such as an ...
  12. Hello all, So I'm headed into my 5th of 8 semesters in my DNP program and we've just received our summer syllabus that's got a pretty significant change to grade requirements. While our college has required that students maintain at least an 80% in a...
  13. NerdDoc

    Good Peds Content on YouTube?

    Hi all, So I'm headed into my 5th semester of DNP-FNP and so far I've been able to supplement my more underwhelming lectures with lots of content on YouTube... but having never worked peds I'm not even sure where to start. Hoping some of you have som...
  14. NerdDoc

    Surge in MDs / DOs, what happens to the NPs?

    You've heard about the ObamaCare thing, right? If "they" were dreaming when they were talking about a physician shortage 5 years ago, they definitely aren't at this point. The percentage of med students who are even interested in primary practice is ...
  15. NerdDoc

    Need advice

    I'm not sure what your experience was as an RN, but that kind of environment can exist just about everywhere. I worked in the largest ICU in my region for several years and our floor was known throughout the hospital as being by far the most hostile....