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  1. soldierRN71

    FastMed Urgent Care

    Does anyone have any experience with the FastMed Urgent Cares? What about for a new grad NP with RN ER experience? Thanks.
  2. soldierRN71

    Duke and UNC Nurse Practitioners

    If there are any NPs that are working for Duke and/or UNC, I am curious about your experience, pay, benefits, etc. Thank you! R.Saunders, North Carolina
  3. soldierRN71

    Urgent Care My First Job

    I am considering Urgent Care when I finish my FNP program this year. I have 20 years of experience as a civilian and Army ER nurse. In your interviewing as a new nurse, did they take your experience into consideration to work in the Urgent Care? Thanks!
  4. soldierRN71

    Seeking Advice from Veterans Affairs FNPs

    I am considering continuing my employment with the VA as an FNP once I graduate from my program in late 2019. For those of you who are FNPs working in the VA system, do you have any guidance, pros vs. cons, advice, etc. ? I have been an ER RN for 20 years and I am currently on a military leave of absence from my job with the VA at an ambulatory care clinic. I have been with the facility for about 4 years and I am a Level II (Step 8). Thank you for any guidance that you may have.
  5. soldierRN71

    Question About Working For The VA

    For those of you who are working in the VA as an NP, did you work in the system as an RN? I am currently on a military leave of absence from the VA and I will return to the VA as an RN until I finish school. I have heard that some new grad NPs end up making less money than they did as an RN. Any thoughts or general advice about working as an NP within the VA?
  6. soldierRN71

    Keeping your CEN

    I see that some Nurse Practitioners keep their CEN if they were an ED nurse. What is the benefit to doing this?
  7. soldierRN71

    Excellence with Clinical now

    hey, I am new to these threads. I am enrolled in 4600 for Spring 13' and I have a lab component in my enrollment. I am also taking Business Communications for my Junior Comp requirement. These will be my final two courses. I was not aware of any clinical for 4600. What the heck?

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