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  1. Can somebody briefly explain to me the importance of each. I am considering in becoming a medical assistant. I researched a couple community colleges. However, I came to one community college that is offering either the certificate, the diploma or the degree. I don't think I want to strive for the degree. I'm really looking into either the diploma or the certificate. Of course the diploma has more classes involved. The certificate is shorter. Do physicians consider certificates? Or is everyone looking for a diploma and/or degree?

    Nurses who don't treat CNAs fair :(

    This sounds terrible! I hope you found a better facility. I haven't work in a medical center yet. However, this does not sound like an environment you would want to be in for too long. Are you still working there?

    CNA for the summer - good or bad?

    I am going to college this fall and I wont be graduating high school until June. My plan was to get my CNA degree during the summer and then during the summer of my years in college work as a CNA at least for my freshman and sophomore year but my parents were wondering if it would be a good investment because for one wjat are the possibilities of me finding a summer job only and then two wouldn't I gain experience at my clinicals in college? Please help the class is $600 and I don't know if i should invest in in a CNa degree or investsed in nursing school

    Someone please help me out

    I agree with the comment above some community colleges offer CNAs at a better price

    SOS - Community College Vs. University

    I think I am back on the idea of going to a university because I checked UNCG's nursing transferring courses and I noticed that many of the courses from my local community college do not transfer to the university :/ I think my best way to go would be the university and then change majors since I would just be taking extra classes at the community classes that I may not even need. Thank-you for bearing with me. Xoxo

    God perfect gift to me - I passed (good pop up)

    Congratulations! I am glad that you are not shy of proclaiming your faith. Keep it up! Xoxo

    SOS - Community College Vs. University

    Yes, thank-you so much again! I will definitely call them and ask, although I think I will be starting a community college since it is less expensive and a has a better student to teacher ratio which is very important to me. Thanks again, and my best wishes to you. xoxo

    SOS - Community College Vs. University

    Thank-you so much for this advice. I must agree with you, I think that community colleges apart from being less expensive is just as good as a university. I think I will be taking this route and then transferring to a university. I wish you the best as well. I did stay in the hospital for around seven months a couple years ago and I did see the lack of Spanish interpreters even here in a semi-urban area. I am glad that you were able to help Spanish-speaking patients, keep it up, it's also a great opportunity. Thanks, Again. xoxo

    SOS - Community College Vs. University

    Thanks for answering Stephalump. It is hard to decide, I am willing to give up on that idea. My major concern is: do universities give a priority to their current students that are trying to get into their nursing program or is it equal to those students who are trying to transfer? I would think they would give somewhat of a priority to their current students than those outside trying to get in, which makes me more lenient into going to a university now. Ahhh decisions, decisions :/

    SOS - Community College Vs. University

    Thanks for answering Nurse2b7337. Is this a yes to UNCG and a no to community college? And if it's a no to community college, would you tell me why it wouldn't be a good idea?
  11. I am a high school senior and on my way to becoming a nurse. I want to get my BSN but I don't know if I should start at a community college or at a university. I got accepted to UNCG, for Spanish major, because I want to eventually become a medical interpreter as well. UNCG has a great nursing program but unfortunately I didn't apply to it because I was afraid I wasn't going to get in due to their ACT requirements. My weighted GPA is 3.72 and my ACT score is 20. At UNCG to be considered to the nursing program one must have at least a 21 on the ACT. Since I was a point away I decided to apply to my second choice which was spanish. I thank God I got in but now I don't know if I should take the offer since 1) I would have to take loans to pay it and 2) I would have to re-apply after 15 credits hours to the nursing program at this university, which I heard may be competitive. Now, if I go to a community college I would take the nursing pre-major and then transfer to UNCG or another university with a good nursing program. But if I go to UNCG I would start my first semester as a spanish major, strive for a strong GPA (3.5 or higher), and then try to change my major to nursing after that semester. I eventually want to advance my nursing career and I am considering in becoming a nurse practitioner, after experience. Some people say that since I want to do that it would be better for me to go straight to a university and others support the idea of starting at a community college because it would mean less debt. Which route would you guys advice me to take. I need to give the university an answer by april otherwise my spot will be given away. SOS

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