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  1. BeccaMaui

    Maricopa CEP Fall 2018

    I received an acceptance email for GCC/NAU today @ 8:28AM. Yay!!!
  2. BeccaMaui

    Maricopa CEP Fall 2018

    I applied at GCC/NAU 20 points
  3. BeccaMaui

    CEP enrollment if working FT?

    Hello, I submitted my nursing application yesterday for the nursing pool and the advisor said I would probably get in quicker if I did CEP also. My concern is that I am going to have to continue to work full-time and not sure if I can handle it. My employer is willing to be flexible with my work hours as long I complete the 40 hours w/in a week. Would be interested in hearing from people who are doing this way and working full-time. Thank you!
  4. BeccaMaui

    January 2017 cep applicants

    Hi AZMama86, Hoping you can answer my question. I submitted my application yesterday @ GWCC but the advisor told me that I could apply for CEP in November when I go to the information meeting. Does that mean that I would start in the Summer 2017 also? Thank you!